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An AI powered doll manufactured by the Kaslon Company receives a malicious upgrade by a disgruntled ex-employee. Now on a blood-thirsty killing spree, Buddi, or Chucky, terrorizes everyone around his owner, a boy called Andy who is baffled by Chucky's evil humor and unexpected killer instincts


Lars Klevberg


Tyler Burton Smith, Don Mancini


Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry

How to Watch Child’s Play on Hulu [November 2023]

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Runtime: 1 hr 30 min Premiered: June 18, 2019 Certificate: R

Excited to watch a childhood horror icon return to your screen? If yes, then take cover as Child’s Play on Hulu has brought back the serial killing doll. This time Chucky has a thirst for blood that never seems to be satisfied.

The Kaslon toy company manufactures smart dolls, which have numerous features and abilities, along with an app to control them. One day, a disgruntled ex-employee seeking revenge tampers with the AI in the doll, which causes them to turn aggressive.

Widowed mom Karen buys the doll, now called Buddi, for her son. After initial dislike, Andy warms to the doll and names him Chucky. Together they share a close bond but things start to unravel when Andy gets hurt by a cat and Chucky attempts to kill the cat later.

Andy is alarmed as Chucky’s aggression keeps growing, and the bodies start to pile up. Amid the chaos and the bloodshed, the Buddi 2 is set to launch renewing the havoc to be created by the little beast!

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How to Watch Child’s Play on Hulu Worldwide

Excited to witness the horror and the thrill this movie entails? But wondering how to catch Hulu in your country? Not a problem, these simple steps will guide you along your journey to stream easily.

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  2. Then, search and join a US server. [“New York server is recommended.”]
  3. Finally, all set to log in to your Hulu account and enjoy watching Child’s Play on Hulu.

Child’s Play – Movies

The Child’s Play is a famous movie franchise and has a good number of movies available for Chucky fans. So, grab your popcorn and start streaming.

Year of Release Movie
1988 Child’s Play
1990 Child’s Play 2
1991 Child’s Play 3
1998 Bride of Chucky
2004 Seed of Chucky
2013 Curse of Chucky
2017 Cult of Chucky
2019 Child’s Play

Why this Child’s Play is different than the others?

Child’s Play movie franchise had a common trend of an already possessed doll. However, in this movie, the doll is shown as an AI doll.  Who cram everything like a parrot. Plus, the movie obviously has tons of moments that will leave you screaming, but simultaneously, the light humor is here right from the start to make you laugh.

Therefore, expect a good horror movie along with a witty sense of humor in this amazing serial killer doll.

What’s more available on Hulu besides Child’s Play?

The thriller and horror genre is truly addictive. So, to keep your binge-watch list brimming, we have picked a few content that you might consider adding to your list and enjoying on Hulu.

FAQs: Watch Child’s Play on Hulu

Where can I watch Child’s Play?

You can watch the entire Child’s Play franchise on Hulu. If you don’t get Hulu in your region, just get a powerful VPN to bypass these geo-restrictions for you.

Is Child’s Play 2019 the same as 1988?

Child’s Play serves as both, the series of 1988 movie along with the reboot of the franchise.

Is Child’s Play 2019 getting a sequel?

For now, there is no news that the Child’s Play reboot is going to have a sequel.

Why does Chucky look different in Child’s Play 2019?

It is because of the heavy robotic features, the new Chucky is shown as an AI doll.

Was Chucky ever a human?

Yes, Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer, who before dying, shifted his soul into the doll.

Is Child’s Play based on a real story?

No, the movie franchise is fictional.

What is the release date of Child’s Play?

The release date of Child’s Play is June 21, 2019.

How is the runtime of Child’s Play?

The Child’s Play movie is 1hr 30 min long.

What are the IMDb ratings of Child’s Play?

The IMDb rating of Child’s Play is 6/10.

What is the genre of Child’s Play?

The genre of Child’s Play is Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi, and Thriller.

Wrapping Up

Catch the horror and intense thrills of the evergreen killer doll Chucky in the reboot of Child’s Play on Hulu. Relive the terrifying yet fun vibe that has been startling you since your childhood and continues still.

To avoid any issues while streaming, use ExpressVPN and start watching your favorite shows, movies, and sports on Hulu now!

Happy binging!