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Fix Hulu Error Code 3 And 5

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 3 And 5 [Quick Guide in Sep 2023]


Are you facing Hulu error 3 and 5? Don’t fret! You’re not alone, and we’ve got the solution to get you streaming again. If you’re dealing with Error 3 or 5 while using Hulu, here are some simple steps that can help fix Hulu error 3 and 5 and get your show on the road.

Hulu error code 3 and 5 are typically caused by a problem with the device or internet connection. Isn’t it annoying when the error keeps happening while you’re trying to stream your favorite movies and TV shows?

Let’s not panic and jump to the article where we are going to explain these errors and how to fix Hulu error code 3 and 5.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 3 and 5? [4 Super Fast Steps in 2023]

  1. Simply sign up for ExpressVPN and download its app on your device.
  2. Sign in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a US server. [Recommended Server “New York.”]
  4. Next, Go to Hulu’s official website and start binge-watching.

Hulu Errors And Its Error Messages

The error messages that you receive when Hulu error code 3 and 5 occur are mentioned below:

Hulu Error Code 3

Most of the time, the Hulu app can’t load a show because of a problem with the internet. The error message usually pops up like this when you get this error:

  • “Error playing this video.”
  • “Sorry, we encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.”
  • “We’re having trouble loading this right now.”
  • “Please check your internet connection and try again.”

Error Code 3: An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected.

Hulu Error Code 5

Hulu Error code 5 also occurs when there is some internet inactivity and has the same process to fix it, also we get the almost same error messages:

  • “We’re having trouble loading this right now.”
  • “Please check your internet connection and try again.”

Error Code 5: malformed data.

Instant Overview — Top 5 VPNs to Fix Hulu Error Codes 3 and 5 [Updated in Sep 2023]

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Why Does Hulu Error Code 3 and 5 Occur?

Hulu is a restricted American streaming site, which increases the chances of getting errors as we can’t access it outside the US. We get a geo-restricted error if we access Hulu outside the USA without a VPN, we definitely suggest you subscribe to ExpressVPN for smooth streaming but still  you receive Hulu error code 3 and 5, following might be the reasons:

Poor Internet Connection

Hulu errors 3 and 5 will show if your Internet connection is poor, making it difficult for Hulu to reply to your commands.

Corrupted Cache Issues

Error messages on Hulu can be caused by a corrupted cache. If you keep too much data in Hulu’s cache, it might get corrupted or damaged.

Bugs Inside Hulu

Third, Hulu’s own technical faults and glitches may be to blame for the occurrence of error codes 3 and 5. Depending on where you use Hulu, this may be a temporary issue that may be fixed by restarting your device or app or just reinstalling the software.

Facing Hulu Error Codes 3 And 5? Here is How to Fix it

Team HuluBinge has piled up the most convenient ways how to fix Hulu error code 3 and 5; try the following steps:

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is a quick and easy way to resolve any minor issues that have arisen before proceeding with further solutions. When faced with a variety of problems, a restart is often the best first line of defense.

Power cycling your streaming device(s) can help you get past the error message. However, if you are a computer user, you may find that this solution is not as effective as others.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet

A reliable Internet connection is essential for watching Hulu to its full potential. If you want to test your connection speed without using the Hulu app, you can do so by closing Hulu and launching another app. You could also try turning off your VPN first to see if that speeds up your Internet connection.

If the software takes a long time to respond when you try to connect to the Internet, move closer to your Wi-Fi router or try one of the other solutions below.

  • Reset your modem or router.
  • Plug in an Ethernet cable.
  • Close any other apps that are running in the background.

Fix 3: Check for Updates

In order to avoid Hulu errors 3 and 5, it’s important to always use the most current edition of your software. The update, as is typical, may also enhance performance and provide new features. If you wait too long to do the upgrade, some of the features might stop getting better and you might run into some bugs you didn’t expect.

That being said, if you want to see whether there’s an updated version of Hulu, you may do a search for it in the App Store or the Play Store. If you watch Hulu through a browser, you must upgrade your browser.

Fix 4: Clear the App Cache

You may clear the Hulu app cache by doing the following:

For Android user

  1. Firstly, Go to your phone’s settings from the main menu.
  2. Second, Go to your apps and access Hulu.
  3. Navigate to Storage, then Clear Cache and Clear Data.

For iOS Users

  1. Open the Settings app on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌
  2. Scroll all the way down to Safari.
  3. Scroll to the Privacy & Security section and tap the blue “Clear History and Website Data” option near the bottom of the menu.
  4. Tap Clear History and Data in the pop-up window to confirm.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Hulu

If nothing else works, I guess this would be one of the potential ways that will fix the error:

  1. First, press and hold the Hulu icon until a menu appears. 
  2. Select “Uninstall” from the list.
  3. Then, reinstall the Hulu app from the App Store or Google Play.

Fix 6: Try Using Other Applications

If the restart did not work, we suggest that you try using other applications on your device to check if you would also encounter errors. Your device’s operating system may have an underlying issue that causes other applications to malfunction.

Fix 7: Try Lowering the Stream Quality

If you see the error code playlist 3 and 5 on Hulu while playing a movie or TV show, your network may be struggling to keep up with the bandwidth requests of the app. Hulu may also be streaming on a higher resolution than what your device supports, explaining the error.

To fix this, follow the steps below to lower the stream quality on Hulu:

  • First, launch the Hulu app and tap on your Profile icon located on the bottom navigation bar.
  • After that, tap on Settings and open Cellular Data Usage.
  • Lastly, select Data Saver from the options.

Fix 8: Report the Problem to Hulu

If the error code playlist 3 and 5 still occurs on Hulu, you may be dealing with a more severe issue. In this case, we suggest that you leave the matter to the experts and get in touch with Hulu’s team.

Visit the Help Center and report the problem you’ve been experiencing on their platform. Ensure that you provide your account details, the device you use, and a screenshot of the error to make it easier for their support to understand your situation.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, If you’ve tried all of the above ways and still can’t get rid of Hulu error codes 3 and 5, it may be an unlucky day. If you get a similar error code in the future like a Hulu proxy error, Hulu playback failure, or Hulu error code 400, check your Internet connection first, since that’s probably the main problem in the vast majority of cases.

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