Hulu Error Code P-DEV320

8 Easy Ways to Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV320 in 2024


Hulu Error Code p-dev320 indicates an issue with communication between the Hulu app and its servers. It can come from connectivity problems within your network, an outdated application or issues with Hulu itself. Keep reading for information to troubleshoot the issue.

If you are a cord-cutter, who relies on Netflix and Hulu to stream the internationally acclaimed content you’re probably no stranger to the occasional glitches. Unfortunately, the associated error messages are vague and rarely helpful. Many users sometimes see Hulu error code p-dev320, but the name reveals nothing about the underlying problem.

In reality, it is an indication that your Hulu App is having trouble communicating with the Hulu service. We have enlisted different ways to troubleshoot and resolve the issue for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

What is Hulu Error Code P-DEV320?

While there could be various explanations for error code p-dev320 this error message indicates that the Hulu App on your device can’t communicate with the Hulu service. It might be a network issue, a software problem on your device, or even a problem with the Hulu service or server. The causes are varied, you might need to troubleshoot a variety of issues before you troubleshoot the problem.

Similar issues can also cause related codes like p-dev322 and p-dev318 but these errors can usually be a result of Hulu’s problems and you can’t do anything about it.

8 Easy Ways to Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV320

To fix the Hulu error code P-DEV320, you have to follow some simple steps. There’s a higher probability that the error will be fixed. If not, you can always contact Hulu customer service for additional help. Below we have listed the 8 easy ways to fix this irritating error:

1. Make sure your app is updated

Many of these errors occur if you have an outdated version of the Hulu app. Always make sure that you’re using the latest version of the app from your designated app store. Go to your device settings menu to check the currently installed version of the app. Make sure to create a backup before you do anything.

2. Check on a Different Internet Connection

Access Hulu on a different internet connection such as a mobile internet connection. If Hulu works on one internet connection but not the other, you have a connectivity problem with the primary internet connection.

3. Re-login with your device

Most of the time, these waves of errors are caused by bugs, which can be easily fixed by logging out and back into the account. So keep your head up and wait for the error to be fixed once you log back in.

Go to your Hulu app account page, and in the settings, log out of your account. Then close the application and log in again with your credentials. Most probably, the problem will be fixed.

4. Restart your device

Sometimes our devices are overloaded with applications running in the background and when they are restarted, a lot of errors or speed issues go away because it clears RAM for the programs to run smoothly.

Restart your device if the problem still persists. A simple restart will fix a lot of network and hardware-related problems.

5. Clear the Hulu app cache

This is the official help that you receive once you contact the Hulu support team. If you’ve checked the above 2 methods, then there’s a possible chance that your device has stored some corrupt data. In that case, you can clean the cache data and resolve this option. Here’s how you can clear cache on different devices:

  • Android: Go to Settings > App > Storage and Cache > Clear Storage and then tap on the Clear cache option.
  • iOS: Go to Settings > General > Storage Hulu. Delete the Hulu app and reinstall it from the app store.
  • Fire TV: Navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Hulu > Clear Cache > Clear data.

6. Check your internet speed

Be aware that most streaming services require a high-end internet connection to work properly.

  • 3.0 Mbps for streaming
  • 8.0 Mbps for live streams
  • 16.0 Mbps for 4K streams

If your internet speed is slow, the video quality will be automatically reduced.

7. Check Other Streaming Platforms

Check other leading streaming platforms. Using the same device that is experiencing a p-dev320 error, access Netflix or Peacock TV. If another service also fails to work and generates error codes, that’s evidence that your device has a connectivity problem. You might need to update your device, restart it, or fix its connection to the internet. If the streaming platforms are geo-restricted in your region, you must swap your IP address and get past the regional roadblocks.

8. See if there’s a problem with Hulu

You might have encountered a communication problem with Hulu because the service is offline or there are serious connectivity issues with Hulu servers. The following glitch doesn’t happen often but you might experience it occasionally. The easiest way to assess is to go to Hulu’s network status page at Downdetector or just search “Is Hulu down?” If Hulu is down, you need to wait and try again later.

How to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code P-DEV320 on Major Devices?

Each device has its own method for clearing its cache and cookies. Find out how to fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 on your device:

iOS Devices

To resolve the Hulu error code, you must reinstall Hulu on your iOS devices; this is how to do so:

  1. Go to Settings > General > click Storage.
  2. Find the Hulu app choose the Hulu application and select uninstall.
  3. Then, visit the Apple App Store again and download the Hulu app.

Smart TV

To resolve Hulu error code P-DEV320 on Smart TV, you need to delete Hulu and then reinstall it. The best way to this error on Smart TV is to:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Choose the Hulu app double-click on it, and choose to uninstall
  3. Navigate to the Play Store and search for Hulu, then download the Hulu application.

Roku Device

First, check for updates on the Roku device by clicking the (*) button on your device. If it is up to date, great, you can move on to the next step, which is encountering the issue by hard resetting your device.

  1. First, turn off your Roku device.
  2. then unplug the cable from the outlet and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Replug the device and turn it on.

You should also cancel the cache on your Roku device, by following these steps:

  1. Go to Home on the main menu.
  2. On your Roku device, press the Home button 5 times > press Up > Rewind 2 times > Fast Forward 2 times.
  3. Wait a few seconds and your cache is cleared.

It should fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, you will need to reinstall the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Hulu app but don’t click on it, let the app be highlighted.
  2. Press the (*) button and click on Remove channel from the pop-up options. Click Remove.
  3. Press the Home button on your device and scroll down until you see the streaming channels. Click on it.
  4. Go down to search channels and type “Hulu” to download it by pressing “OK” on your device.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I restart Hulu?

Restarting Hulu is super easy, simply exit the app (no matter which device) and start it again.

Why is the Hulu video quality bad?

If you have a poor internet connection, the video quality will be poor. Upgrade your network or close any network-consuming devices.

How do I reset Hulu on my TV?

Simply unplug your TV from the power outlet and wait for a few minutes. Replug the TV and restart your TV. This should iron out the issue.

How do I Fix my Hulu error?

A Hulu error can usually be fixed by updating your app or turning your device on and off.

What causes this Hulu P-DEV320 error code?

There are many reasons for Hulu’s P-DEV320 error to turn up. It’s either your internet, Hulu’s server, or the device issue.

How do I contact Hulu for help?

Contact Hulu Support at (888) 265-6650 to speak with their support staff immediately. The line is operational 24/7. If you have a specific account issue that can wait a day or two – send an email to [email protected].


We have shared 8 different methods for you to finally resolve this issue, if one does not do justice, then try another one. We’re sure that by this point, the Hulu error code P-DEV320 is fixed. You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows without fear.

Let us know which method worked for you. Share the blog with your friends and let them know how you can resolve this Hulu error code P-DEV320.

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