The narrative focuses on Chiara, a young girl of 15 years old, whose closely knit family begins to fall apart after her father decides to leave them in Calabria.


Jonas Carpignano


Jonas Carpignano


Swamy Rotolo, Claudio Rotolo, Grecia Rotolo

How to Watch A Chiara on Hulu From Anywhere November 2023

Runtime: 2 hr 1 min Premiered: October 7, 2021 Certificate: R

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In the gloomy Italian drama A Chiara, a character study of a Calabrian girl who is 15 years old, when she learns that her father has suddenly left her, the world seems to shrink to an unimaginably small size. The young girl then starts to grasp the factors that led to his departure, and she quickly comes to the conclusion that she, too, will probably have to leave Calabria in the near future.

FAQs on A Chiara

Where is A Chiara set?

A Chiara (Italian: [a kkjara]) is a 2021 Italian-language drama film directed and written by Jonas Carpignano, set in a Calabrian town.

What does the name Chiara mean in English?

Chiara is an Italian name for a girl, which means “bright” and “luminous.” Use this cheerful name as a constant reminder of a baby’s joy or her future.

Who directed A Chiara?

Jonas Carpignano is the director of the movie.

Where to watch A Chiara?

You can watch A Chiara on Hulu after subscribing to Hulu by choosing a suitable plan.

Can you watch A Chiara on Hulu from anywhere?

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