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As Rasputin plots to kill Anastasia, the last surviving member of the Russian Royal Family teams up with two con men to visit her Dowager Empress grandmother.


Gary Goldman, Don Bluth


Joe Orrantia, Eric Tuchman, Bruce Graham


Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd

How to Watch Anastasia on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 1 hr 34 min Premiered: November 20, 1997 Certificate: G

Hop on a cinematic adventure that mixes curiosity, history, and a lost fortune. This piece is about Anastasia, a brave brave woman.

Two con men from Russia, Dimitri, and Vladimir, are looking for Anastasia, the granddaughter of the last Czar of Russia, Nicolas II, to collect a payment that her grandmother, Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, had promised.

But Grigori Rasputin, the evil mystic, still wants to wipe out the Romanov family. Do you think they will triumph or will Rasputin’s malicious intent take it all over?

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What happened to Anastasia in Russia?

Anastasia and her immediate family were shot in a cellar by the Bolsheviks. Their bodies were thrown into an abandoned mine pit and later buried.

Is the movie Anastasia a Disney movie?

No, Anastasia was a film made by 20th Century Fox, not Disney.

Where to Watch Anastasia Online?

You can watch Anastasia on Hulu, but if you are outside the USA, you need a VPN and we recommend ExpressVPN.

Is Anastasia based on a real-life event?

Anastasia, whose life the film is partially based on, was not as fortunate. Anastasia was an actual Russian princess who lived about 80 years ago. She was Czar Nicholas II’s youngest child. So, yes, this movie is based on real-life events.

How old was Anastasia Romanov when she died?

Anastasia Romanov was 17 years old when she died.

Is Anastasia an excellent film?

It is a suspenseful, thoughtful, humane, and possibly terrifying movie. If a film can provoke a sensation from us, then it must be Anastasia.

Has anyone ever discovered Anastasia’s remains?

In 1998, their remains were interred in Peter and Paul Fortress.

What is the genre of Anastasia’s movie?

Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, and Drama are included in the genre of the movie Anastasia.

Where to watch the full Anastasia movie?

You can watch movies on Hulu by choosing the best VPN wherever you are!

When was Anastasia’s film released?

Anastasia’s film was released in 1997.

Who directed the film Anastasia?

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are the directors of the film Anastasia.

Final Thoughts

Stream the movie on Hulu with the help of ExpressVPN if you live outside the United States, and embrace the film right after!

Happy binging!