Watch Books of Blood on Hulu

An anthology of horror stories as a journey starts from an uncharted territory through three stories that are tangled in time and space.


Brannon Braga


Adam Simon, Clive Barker, Brannon Braga


Britt Robertson, Freda Foh Shen, Nicholas Campbell

A Journey of Horror: Stream Books of Blood on Hulu | 2024


Runtime: 1 hr 47 min Premiered: October 6, 2020 Certificate: NR

Interested in watching another horror movie? We suggest you watch Books of Blood on Hulu. This film tells three different tales, yet all are mingled together, making you get nightmares while awake.

A collection of Horror fiction stories that tell horrifyingly scary tales mingled with space and time altogether. As the epitome of night terrors, this movie is not for the weak of hearts – as you all are warned.

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FAQs: Watch Books of Blood on Hulu

How scary is Books of Blood?

Books of Blood is very scary. There are no jump scares or gore, but it is unnerving and creepy, something that alerts your brain and gives you chills.

Is Books of Blood a good movie?

Yes, Books of Blood is a good movie. It is not for the faint-hearted audience as it gives very unnerving and spine-chilling vibes.

Is Books of Blood on Hulu?

Yes, Books of Blood is on Hulu. You can watch it anywhere around the globe with ExpressVPN.

Is Books of Blood supernatural?

No, Books of Blood is not supernatural as it comes from humane sources.

Why is Books of Blood rated R?

Books of Blood is rated R because of nudity, violence, profanity, and intense scenes.

Who is the director of Books of Blood?

Brannon Braga is the director of the horror movie Books of Blood.

Is Books of Blood Based on a True Story?

Books of Blood is based on the novel Books of Blood by Clive Barker, which is based on six horror fiction anthologies that are true accounts.

What stories are in Books of Blood Hulu?

Two of the three pieces in the movie, “The Books of Blood” by Miles and “On Jerusalem Street a Postscript” by Bennett, are loose adaptations from the nominal horror fiction anthology.

Where can I watch Books of Blood?

You can watch Books of Blood on Hulu. It’s an American streaming platform that is exclusive to the USA, but you can bypass that by using a VPN.

Who is in the cast of Books of Blood?

The main cast of Books of Blood includes Britt Robertson, Freda Foh Shen, and Nicholas Campbell.


Books of Blood is the type of movie to make your skin crawl by how correct it is. It shows the absolute truth about night terrors, as you get to know how horror a movie can be without jump scares or gore. Watch Books of Blood on Hulu to experience a bone-chilling horror moment.

And if Hulu is inaccessible in your region, we suggest you use ExpressVPN for smooth unblocking and streaming.

Happy binging!