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The Bruiser is the feature debut American drama film of Warren, featuring the familial struggles, adulthood fragilities, and the imperative role of responsible fatherhood for a boy.


Miles Warren


Ben Medina, Miles Warren


Jalyn Hall, Trevante Rhodes, Shamier Anderson

How to Stream Bruiser on Hulu [May 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 41 min Premiered: December 2, 2022 Certificate: NR

Are you in the mood to stream something thought-provoking? Do you want to watch something reflective and authentic? Then Bruiser on Hulu can offer you a quality streaming experience revolving around the themes of fatherhood, coming-of-age concerns, and toxic masculinity.

Bruiser portrays a familiar story plot with an intriguing and contemplative narrative, offering viewers a distinctive and interesting view. It revolves around the protagonist Darious, the talented Jalyn Hall, who finds it extremely difficult to deal with adulthood challenges while enfolding in the domineering fight between two fathers.

The film depicts Darious as a 14-year-old teen student at a private school being fathered by Malcolm, a stern yet caring father. However, things turn messy when a loner named Porter, who is the biological father of Darious, enters the picture, and a never-ending battle for Darious attention and trust begins between both fathers.

This melodrama film is impressive in its flow and build of emotions and tension, keeping the viewer on edge throughout; however, being Hulu exclusive, it is only available in the US. To view Bruiser in regions exceeding the boundaries of the US, connect with ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Bruiser on Hulu with a VPN

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  2. Connect to the US server [Recommended Server “New York.”]
  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy watching Bruiser on Hulu.


What was the point of the movie Bruiser?

Bruiser takes on the profound and contemplative topics of toxic masculinity and irresponsible fatherhood and their long-term effects on a boy.

Is Bruiser a good movie?

Given the riveting and phenomenal narration of the story and the award-winning performance of Hall, it is rightly said that it’s a good movie.

What channel is Bruiser on?

You can watch Bruiser on Hulu if you are from the USA. For other regions, use ExpressVPN for great streaming.

Is Bruiser a movie or a series?

It’s an American drama movie directed by Miles Warren featuring a teen stuck in a rivalry between two fathers.

Is Bruiser a true story?

That is not based on true events; however, it depicts a real-life story.

Who is the main character in Bruiser?

Darious, Jalyn Hall, is the protagonist in the movie Bruiser.

How did the movie Bruiser end?

The movie ends without any definite resolution leaving the audience to decide about the story’s culmination. However, the end scene depicts Darious leaving both his fathers scuffling, from which it can be assumed that he does not want to do anything with both men.

How long is the movie Bruiser?

The running time of Bruiser is 1 hour and 37 minutes.

The Wrap-up

The movie Bruiser offers an in-depth and insightful aspect of toxic masculinity and fatherhood concerning its role in generational violence. It depicts how this negative behavior transitions from generation to generation in the confused and reflexively altered attitude of Darious.

So if you are in a philosophical and somber mode today, connect with ExpressVPN and try this perfect punch of melodrama.

Happy binging!