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Watch Christine on Hulu

John Carpenter


Bill Phillips, Stephen King


Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul


A nerdy guy gets a bizarre car with its own terrible mentality, and his personality begins to change to reflect it.

How to Watch Christine on Hulu outside USA September 2023

Runtime: 1 hr 50 min Release Date: May 11, 1983 Certificate: R

Want to watch an exciting horror and thriller? You’re in luck! We’ve got something on our list! Watch Christine on Hulu. It’s a movie that will get you goosebumps. Let us guide you through how to watch Christine on Hulu from anywhere.

How to Watch Christine on Hulu from Anywhere

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In 1957, a red Plymouth Fury was built in Detroit and caused two accidents, one of which was deadly, while still on the manufacturing line. Arnold “Arnie” Cunningham, the outcast and bullied techie, is getting a ride with his best and only buddy, Dennis Guilder, when he notices the damaged automobile for sale in a garden twenty-one years later. Arnie falls in love with the automobile right away. Christine was the name given to the automobile by its original owner.

He brings the automobile to Will Darnell’s repair shop and works hard to fix the historic car. While working in the restoration, he transforms into a brash adolescent and dates the most attractive girl in high school, Leigh Cabot. Soon, Arnie gets conceited and envious of the otherworldly Christine, who murders everyone who poses a threat to them.

FAQs on Christine on Hulu

Where can I watch Christine?

You can watch Christine exclusively on Hulu on almost every device, including Android, iOS, Fire Stick TV, Roku, and other gaming consoles.

Can I watch Christine on Hulu outside the US?

Yes, you can watch Christine on Hulu outside the USA, but only with the help of a reliable VPN due to its geo-location restrictions. We highly recommend ExpressVPN, as it has the fastest US servers.

Is it based on a true story?

Yes, Christine is based on the real story of American journalist Christine Chubbuck, whose suicide on live TV was the inspiration for Sidney Lumet’s movie Network.

Who is the villain of the movie?

Christine is the main villain in the Stephen King book Christine and the famous 1983 horror movie of the same name as well.

Who is in the movie’s cast?

Keith Gordon played the role of Arnie Cunningham; John Stockwell as Dennis Guilder; Alexandra Paul as Leigh Cabot; Robert Prosky as Will Darnell, and Harry Dean Stanton as Rudolph Junkins.

Who directed the Christine movie?

John Carpenter directed the movie, Christine.

Ending Line

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