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New York socialite Emmy Jones will go to any extent to get herself published, even if it takes assuming the identity of an Australian farmer which lands her a book deal. But before she can celebrate, the publisher and her handsome son want to have a first-hand experience of her rural life. Now Emmy has to return to her deceased mother’s farm and make the pretence a reality.


Christopher Weekes


Jennifer Notas Shapiro


Poppy Montgomery, Hugh Sheridan, Darren McMullen

Watch Christmas on the Farm on Hulu [Apr 2024]

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Runtime: 1 hr 25 min Premiered: November 30, 2021

Are you in the mood to watch a light-hearted rom-com movie? If yes, then Christmas on the Farm on Hulu is a perfect blend of comedy and festive-themed romance.

Emmy Jones (Poppy Montgomery) is a New York socialite. Sifting through old belongings after her mother’s death, Emmy finds her mother’s old journal about life on a Queensland farm. Emmy compiles the journal into a manuscript in her own name and it immediately catches the attention of well-known publishers London and London.

Things take a turn for ‘Australian farmer’ Emmy when the head of the publishing house, Ellison London, requests her for an authentic Australian farm experience, with her handsome son Jack in tow. To salvage her writing career, Emmy has to rush to Australia and familiarize herself with her late mother’s farm, all while praying Jack doesn’t recognize her from their New York circles.

Will the deception last or will it lead to Emmy and Ellison breaking the deal? Will Jack recognize Emmy or does fate have some other plans? It’s a classic setup for a comedic plot.

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FAQs: Watch Christmas on the Farm on Hulu

Where can I watch Christmas on the Farm?

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Who is Clementine in Christmas on the Farm?

Clementine Jones (Poppy Montgomery) is the author of the book, about getting back to nature in Queensland Farm. which gets the exclusive attention of a New York Publisher.

What is the cast of the movie Christmas on the Farm?

The cast of the movie Christmas on the Farm includes Poppy Montgomery, Darren McMullen, Hugh Sheridan,  and Jeanette Cronin.

What is the genre of Christmas on the Farm?

Christmas on the Farm can be concluded into the genres of Rom-Com and Drama.

Is Christmas on the Farm suitable to watch on the Christmas Holiday?

Absolutely yes, Christmas on the Farm is an ideal movie to watch and rejoice in the festival vibes.

What is the IMDb rating of the show?

The IMDb rating of the show is 5.9/10.

Wrapping Up

A typical Christmas movie with wonderful scenery, beautiful costumes, and tons of funny bits, Christmas on the Farm on Hulu is a must to watch to add charm to your holiday. Witness how Ellie adapts to a different life and see if things work out in her favor.

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Happy binging!