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Alexander Nanau


Alexander Nanau, Antoaneta Opris


Cătălin Tolontan, Mirela Neag, Razvan Lutac


A fire outbreak at a concert grows out of hand, kills 27 people, and leaves 180 fatally injured. The Romanian documentary on Hulu follows the multiple deaths at a public hospital after the fire, leaving journalists and investigating parties puzzled about the reason.

How to Watch Collective on Hulu outside USA September 2023

Runtime: 1 hr 49 min Release Date: February 13, 2019 Certificate:

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Collective is a true documentary available to stream on Hulu. After an unfortunate fire accident kills 27 people and leaves 180 dead after the concert, the heavily injured are transferred to a nearby public hospital. When the victims start dying one after another until there are 37, the mystery grabs everyone’s attention.

Upon investigation, the journalists and investigating parties revealed the true faces of healthcare givers and the government, finally unleashing a mass protest as things worsened.

FAQs on Collective

 Is Collective a good movie?

Yes, Collective is a good movie portraying the lesson that the one thing that has more power than governments and corrupt politics is the collective power of the nation.

What is Collective about on Hulu?

The Collective is about the heroic saving of journalists who set out to fix the political corruption poisoning public health care.

Who directed Collective on Hulu?

Alexander Nanau directed the Collective on Hulu.

Where Can I Watch Collective?

You can watch Collective on Hulu by utilizing the great help of ExpressVPN and connecting to a server in the US.

Is Collective Movie based on a True Story?

Yes. Collective is based on true events and includes true facts.

Where can I see the Collective Movie?

You can watch the Collective Movie on Hulu by using ExpressVPN.

Final Thoughts

Stream if you can stomach it. Collective is one of the most chilling documentaries revealing the true faces of departments we trust with our lives. All you need is to bypass the geo-limitation of Hulu. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and stream the sickening documentary, Collective on Hulu outside USA.

Happy binging!