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A unique and thoughtful human-like robot Edward has scissors for hands. A kind-hearted woman introduces him to a differnent life in a suburban household. Edward finds both love and acceptance there, but to what end.


Tim Burton


Caroline Thompson, Tim Burton


Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest

A Whimsical Story – Stream Edward Scissorhands on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 1 hr 45 min Premiered: December 6, 1990 Certificate: PG-13

In the mood for a unique tale of love and acceptance, that cuts through the ordinary? If yes, then Edward Scissorhands on Hulu is all you need. This art film is about a humanoid with scissors for his hands but a heart as human as any.

One day, a gentlewoman finds him in his solitary life in a Gothic castle and takes him to her house in suburbia. Edward grinds with his daily chores, yet has a unique ability to give trees and gardens a flawless and creative shape that soon gives him the limelight.

Amid the mixed sentiments of acceptance and disapproval, Edward’s inclination towards the family’s daughter Kim grows, along with the confusion and problems that are contributing to making his survival questionable.

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How to Watch Edward Scissorhands on Hulu

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Trivia about Edward Scissorhands

Did you know that your loveable and kind Edward’s character was inspired by the director Tim Burton’s drawing? Which he drew in his teenage. The whole idea of the movie is based on that drawing.

Also, Edward, Johnny Depp, who has done a phenomenal job in the movie, only had 150 words of dialogue in the entire movie. Isn’t it crazy, how beautifully he acted and delivered the emotions through his eyes?

What’s available on Hulu besides Edward Scissorhands?

When you watch a good movie, you will only end up craving for more good stuff. Here, we’ve got your back! And compiled a few contents that will keep you entertained thoroughly.

FAQs: Watch Edward Scissorhands on Hulu

Where can I watch Edward Scissorhands?

If you want to enjoy a classic movie, then Hulu is the right place. Also, use ExpressVPN to avoid any geo-restrictions.

How long is Edward Scissorhands?

The Edward Scissorhands movie is about 1hr 45 minutes long.

Who stars in Edward Scissorhands?

Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, and Dianne Wiest.

Were the scissors real in Edward Scissorhands?

No, the Scissorhand’s blades were not real, but the epic recreation made it feel as if they were real.

Who is the director of Edward Scissorhands?

The movie Edward Scissorhands is directed by the Maestro Tim Burton.

How much money did Edward Scissorhands make?

The movie Edwards Scissorhands was an immense success and made a whopping $86 million at the box office.

What is the genre of Edward Scissorhands?

The genres of Edward Scissorhands are Romance, Fantasy, and Drama.

Why was Edward born with Scissorhands?

The scissor handles were just a temporary placement until the inventor gave him real hands. But unfortunately, he died before doing so, and resultantly, the Scissorhands became permanent.

Who auditioned for the role of Edward Scissorhands?

The wonderful actors that were on the list of being considered for the role of Edward were Tom Cruise and Gart Oldman, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey.

Is Edward Scissorhands a romantic movie?

Yes, although the film starts with a different perspective, of the struggles of a human-like robot. But it soon takes a new dimension and proves to be a heart-warming and emotional romantic movie.

Wrapping Up

Watch the epic tale of a gentle yet misunderstood man Edward Scissorhands on Hulu and enjoy the light and breezy emotional story that will leave you the feeling of reading a childhood fairytale.

To ensure a seamless watching experience, employ ExpressVPN and make your streaming a cakewalk.

Happy binging!