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Watch Ever After A Cinderella Story on Hulu

Andy Tennant


Susannah Grant, Andy Tennant, Charles Perrault


Drew Barrymore, Dougray Scott, Anjelica Huston


Danielle, a gorgeous young woman, is treated like a maid by her stepmother and stepsisters. One day, she meets Prince Henry, the heir to the throne, and he falls in love with her.

How to Watch Ever After A Cinderella Story on Hulu outside USA Sep 2023


Runtime: 2 hr 1 min Release Date: July 31, 1998 Certificate: PG-13

Do you want to start your day off with a dose of a fairytale? We all must have spent our childhood loving these characters. What if we got to relive our childhood watching Ever After A Cinderella Story on Hulu? That’d be amazing, no? Let us guide you through how to watch Ever After A Cinderella Story on Hulu from anywhere.

How to Watch Ever After A Cinderella Story on Hulu from Anywhere

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In this new version of the old fairytale, Danielle (Drew Barrymore) is a lively young woman whose father’s death forces her to become a slave. Rodmilla, Danielle’s stepmother (played by Anjelica Huston), is a cruel lady who makes Danielle do all the housework while she seeks to marry off her own two daughters. But when Danielle meets the handsome Prince Henry, her life takes a wonderful turn.

FAQs on Ever After based on Cinderella

Is Ever After based on Cinderella?

Ever After (also known as Ever After A Cinderella Story in promotional content) is a 1998 American romantic historical drama movie based on the fairy tale “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault.

Can you watch Even After A Cinderella Story on Hulu from Anywhere?

You can watch Even After A Cinderella Story on Hulu from anywhere with one condition. If you subscribe to a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to a US server, you can easily watch Hulu from anywhere, despite geo-restrictions.

What is the theme of the movie Ever After?

While director Andy Tennant’s premise is classic, Ever After also digs into issues of family devotion, economic relations, social fairness, and the benefits of hard work.

Who is the director of the movie?

Andy Tennant is the director of “Even After A Cinderella Story.”

What is the cast in the movie?

Drew Barrymore as Danielle; Anjelica Huston as Rodmilla; Dougray Scott as Prince Henry; Patrick Godfrey as Leonardo; Megan Dodds as Marguerite.

Final Verdict

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