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Watch False Positive on Hulu

John Lee


Alissa Nutting, Ilana Glazer, John Lee


Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux, Pierce Brosnan


The renowned Dr. Hindle is the ideal fertility specialist for Lucy and Adrian. But after learning she was expecting, Lucy started to suspect there was something sinister hiding behind Hindle's charm, so she set her mind to find out what it was.

How to Watch False Positive on Hulu Outside USA [September 2023]

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Runtime: 1 hr 33 min Release Date: June 17, 2021 Certificate: R

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How to Watch False Positive on Hulu [Sep 2023]

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Lucy and Adrian have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years. When they finally contact a fertility doctor who’s an old mentor of Adrian, Lucy can’t help but have this odd intuition, which she shakes away when she gets pregnant with triplets.

When she is given a choice to save either the twin boys or the girl, the doctor and her husband recommend keeping the twin boys, while Lucy wants to keep the girl. Shady? You bet!

FAQs: Watch False Positive on Hulu

What happens at the end of False Positive on Hulu?

Lucy gives birth to two healthy boys, but the girl is stillborn, which is clear that Adrian and Dr. Hindle conspired against Lucy’s wishes. So the ending is fair because she decapitated the doctor and his nurse, gave the twins to Adrian, and left with the fetus of the girl (who is not alive) because she lost her mind. Psychologically, she’s in a state of mind that makes her hallucinate that the little girl is alive and healthy.

What is the story of the movie False Positive?

The story of the movie False Positive is about a couple who get pregnant with the help of a suspicious fertility doctor, which the female protagonist must find out.

How scary is a False Positive movie?

The movie False Positive is not actually a scary movie, but it is a psychological horror that includes horror-suspense imagery and violence. It is disturbing enough to leave you with chills.

Who is in the cast of False Positive?

The star cast of False Positive includes Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux, and Gretchen Mol.

Is False Positive a good movie?

Yes, False Positive is a good movie. If you like psychological horror movies with a disturbing plot, you will love the movie.

Was the baby alive at the end of False Positive?

No, the baby girl was not alive at the end of False Positive. It was just yet another hallucination of Lucy’s.

Is False Positive movie on Hulu?

Yes, False Positive movie is available to stream online on Hulu. Just be sure to use a VPN when using Hulu internationally. Our best suggestion is ExpressVPN.

Is False Positive suitable for kids?

Definitely not. False Positive is a movie that is disturbing and shows psychotic images. Not to mention, there’s an obvious amount of violence, gore, and nudity that makes the movie R-rated.

Who is the director of False Positive?

John Lee is the director of False Positive.

Where to watch False Positive movie?

Watch False Positive movie on Hulu. It’s a streaming platform that offers more than movies. But you can only access it with a VPN if you live outside America. We recommend ExpressVPN.


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