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Marie DuJardin, a French national, is rescued by American soldiers on one condition: she must guide them to a hoard of gold sought after by the Nazis, the French fight, and the Americans.


Jesse V. Johnson


Romain Serir, Katharine Lee McEwan


Nina Bergman, Daniel Bernhardt, Louis Mandylor

How to Watch Hell Hath No Fury on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 34 min Premiered: November 5, 2021 Certificate: R

Do you want to stream something in the thriller drama genre? Your search is over because we have the best thriller drama film for you. Hell Hath No Fury is a dramatic film that challenges all sides with its powerful moments and story.

Following World War II’s end and the Allied victory in Europe, a team of American forces searches for Nazi wealth in the secret grave of German lieutenant Von Bruckner. Marie, a French resistance operative, was his girlfriend and took the Americans as their captive to his tomb.

But along the way, Marie struggled with escaping Nazi soldiers and shady resistance members who wanted the gold for themselves.

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Is Hell Hath No Fury a true story?

Yes, it is based on Marie Dujardin’s true story. In 1944, she was labeled a traitor for being the lover of Von Bruckner, but she is saved by a small squad of American soldiers who accept her narrative of buried Nazi gold in a cemetery.

What is the full quote of Hell hath no fury?

The full quote of Hell Hath No Fury is, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury as a woman scorned.”

In which location is Hell Hath No Fury shot?

Hell Hath No Fury’s location is Aubagne, France.

Where can I watch Hell Hath No Fury on TV?

You can stream this movie online. If you have a Hulu subscription, it’s time to use it to watch Hell Hath No Fury on Hulu. However, if you access it when you’re not in the USA, you will need a decent-quality VPN.

When was the Hell Hath No Fury film released?

The movie was released on November 5, 2021.

Who directed the film Hell Hath No Fury?

Thomas J. Write is the director of the movie Hell Hath No Fury.

Is Hell Hath No Fury a good movie?

Yes, Hell Hath No Fury is a good and memorable movie of the year 2021.


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