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Her Smell on Hulu

Alex Ross Perry


Alex Ross Perry


Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, Dan Stevens


Becky Something is a marvelous punk rockstar known for her music everywhere. While she suffers between addiction and sobriety, she has bigger problems to untangle, too. The movie shows her journey to find the inspiration that led to the making of her band.

How to Watch Her Smell on Hulu Outside US [September 2023]


Runtime: 2 hr 16 min Release Date: April 12, 2019 Certificate: R

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How to Stream Her Smell on Hulu from Anywhere

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Her Smell is based on a band’s main vocalist career. The self-destructive punk musician battles between sobriety and addiction which lead to her mood swings between aggression and happiness. As she attempts to rediscover her creative spark, she discovers that her hard work propelled her band to fame.

FAQs on How to Watch Her Smell

Why is it called Her Smell?

The name Her Smell is driven by the albums of the female band L7 and their names.

Why is Her Smell R rated?

Her Smell is R rated for strong language and drugs throughout the movie.

Is Her Smell a good movie?

Yes, Her Smell is a good movie. The movie is compelling and suffocating at the same time, while it portrays the story of a destructive musician.

Is Her Smell good for kids?

No, parents need to know that Her Smell has many references to drugs and has language due to which the movie is R rated.

Where to watch Her Smell?

You can watch Her Smell on Hulu. However, if you want to stream it outside US, we suggest you use ExpressVPN.

What happens at the end of Her Smell?

Her Smell ends with Something recording the next album of her band.

Final Thoughts

Her Smell (2018) is a sensational Marvel movie stream about a mother turning a corner for her infant. The movie is available to stream on Hulu. However, if you wish to stream Her Smell on Hulu outside US, you will have to use ExpressVPN to enjoy it seamlessly.
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