Mass on Hulu

Years after a tragic school shooting, the parents of the victims and the perpetrator sit down with each other to turn the pages of grief and loss they have lived with all this time.


Fran Kranz


Fran Kranz


Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaacs, Ann Dowd

How to Stream Mass on Hulu April 2024

Runtime: 1 hr 51 min Premiered: October 8, 2021 Certificate: PG-13

Are you looking to stream something in the drama genre? Well, you are in the right place. Mass is a dramatic movie that challenges all sides with its moving and tear-jerking scenes and story.

After having lost their children to a horrifying school shooting, the parents decide to sit across from each other and illustrate the pain and suffering they have been going through.

Mass is a heart-wrenching movie about the conversation between the parents of the victims and the parents of the perpetrator of the school shooting. When you watch this documentary, you will witness as they explain the pain, grief, and loss they have been living with and through.

However, know that even though the movie is available to stream on Hulu, you will require a VPN to stream Mass anywhere other than the USA as Hulu is limited to America.

How to Watch Mass on Hulu with a VPN

If you want to stream Mass when you’re not in the USA, you will need to get your hands on a subscription to ExpressVPN. Here are the steps for unblocking Hulu:

  1. Sign up and subscribe to a VPN, ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. [Recommended Server “New York.”]
  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy binge-watching Mass on Hulu.


Is Mass movie based on a True Story?

The movie is inspired by true life events which makes it a tough movie to digest.

What is the movie, Mass (2021) about?

The movie is about the parents of the shooter and the parents of one of the victims sitting down to find the strength to move forward after their children were killed in a school shooting.

Is Mass a good movie?

Mass is inspired by true events, which makes it a hard movie to watch. However, the movie has an outstanding performance and is an emotional rollercoaster.

Who directed Mass (2021)?

The movie, Mass, is directed by Fran Kranz and is his first-ever movie debut.

Who is in the cast of Mass?

The star-studded cast of Mass includes Reed Birney, Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, and Martha Plimpton.

Where to watch Mass Movie 2021?

You can watch Mass on Hulu. However, if you want to stream the movie, Mass, on Hulu outside US, you will need to use ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-limitations of the platform.

Is Mass good for kids?

According to MPAA, the movie is meant for kids aged 13 and above.

Final Words

Winner of the Atlanta Film Critics Circle for the best-ensemble cast, the movie Mass, is a true tear-jerker as the cast sits across each other reliving the deaths of their children. Stream the movie on Hulu with the help of ExpressVPN if you live outside USA, and let’s embrace the hurting hearts of the parents who lost their little ones in horrifying incidents around the globe.

Happy binging.