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Minding the Gap is a documentary profiling the emotionally charged, traumatic, and hassled lives of three skateboarding friends.


Liu Bing


Keire Johnson, Zack Mulligan, Liu Bing

How to Watch Minding The Gap on Hulu [April 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 33 min Premiered: August 16, 2018 Certificate: NR

Are coming-of-age film scenarios your cup of tea? Then have a fantastic and profoundly emotional screen time by streaming Minding The Gap on Hulu.

Minding The Gap starts from skateboarding but eventually transforms into a documentary poking and unraveling the sensitive issues of family abuse, mental health, generational violence, a lasting relationship between a father and son, and tough life scenarios.

It profiles the decade-over-life journey of three skateboarding friends, Keire Johnson, Zack Mulligan, and Bing Liu, providing an in-depth understanding of mentally abused teens and the cycle of abuse they initiate when it comes to their responsibilities.

This documentary unravels the complexities of adulthood, the spirit of skateboarding, explores the impacts of childhood trauma, and how generational violence manifests in a male’s life.

You can have unrestrained access when you stream this movie in the USA using Hulu; however, accessing Hulu outside targeted region is difficult, given the geo-restriction for which you need a web anonymizer. We suggest using a VPN to get past these regional limitations.

Steps to Watch Minding the Gap on Hulu With a VPN

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Minding The Gap?

Minding The Gap explores the impacts of generational violence and how it is a significant factor in shaping the lives of many adults, especially males.

Is Minding the Gap Based on a true story?

Yes, Minding The Gap is a documentary featuring the true life story of three skateboarding friends.

What kind of documentary is minding the gap?

It is a documentary about adulthood issues, family abuse, and skateboarding, profiling the decade-over filming of three friends.

What happened to Zack in Minding the Gap?

The documentary shows Zack in a much better mental condition, living with his childhood best friend and recognizing his responsibilities as a father.

Where can I watch Minding The Gap?

You can easily stream Minding The Gap on Hulu. Use ExpressVPN to get rid of any errors due to geo-restrictions.

Is Minding the Gap a documentary?

Yes, it is a documentary produced by one of the three friends, Bing Liu, featured in the film.

How long is Minding The Gap?

Minding The Gap is 1 hour and 33  minutes long.

When did Minding The Gap come to streaming platforms?

Minding The Gap became available to stream on Hulu on Aug 16, 2018. You should use our recommended VPN to stream it in countries that are deprived of Hulu’s services.

The Conclusion

Minding The Gap can offer you an in-depth view of the generation-long effects of childhood abuse and how profoundly this changes the overall life outcomes of an adult. It is enlightening, cathartic, and emotional and can offer you real value for your time.

So connect with ExpressVPN today and witness the life journey of three troubling teens into adulthood.

Happy binging!