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When pregnant and in a desperate attempt to find refuge, Georgia and her boyfriend Sam leave their country as the world struggles with AI empowerment.


Mattson Tomlin


Mattson Tomlin


Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, Raúl Castillo

Intrigue Meets Motherhood: Watch Mother/Android on Hulu | 2024


Runtime: 1 hr 51 min Premiered: December 16, 2021 Certificate: R

Do you want to watch a movie with sci-fi as its main genre? We suggest you watch Mother/Android on Hulu. It’s a movie that depicts a new take on a dystopian future where AI rules the world.

Georgia and her boyfriend Sam embark on a dangerous trip to flee their country, which has been embroiled in an unanticipated war with artificial intelligence. The couple must navigate a land that has zero humans other than them, an army of android revolt, hoping to find safety just days before the birth of their first child.

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How to Watch Mother/Android on Hulu using a VPN

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Common Questions

Why is it called Mother/Android?

The movie is called Mother/Android because there is a war between a mother, a human who is the most fertile, and an android, which is the most advanced form of human, yet can’t be a life-bearer.

Is Mother/Android on Hulu?

Yes, Mother/Android is on Hulu. Watch with ExpressVPN to eliminate restrictions and stream without lag.

Does Mother/Android have a happy ending?

Unfortunately, we do not indulge in spoilers. You’d have to watch the movie to know.

Is Mother/Android worth watching?

Yes. Mother/Android is a movie worth watching if you like such types of movies.

What is the plot for Mother/Android?

The plot for Mother/Android is about Georgia and her boyfriend Sam fleeing their homeland while Georgia is pregnant and desperately attempting to find shelter as the city of Boston battles with an AI invasion.

Is Mother/Android based on a true story?

Not really, but it depicts the director’s life and what he learned about his parents’ story.

Where to watch Mother/Android?

Watch Mother/Android on Hulu. It’s available on stream along with other movies and TV Shows. But remember to use ExpressVPN to ward off the limitations on the platform.

Is Mother/Android suitable for kids?

No, Mother/Android is not suitable for kids. It’s an intense sci-fi story that includes violence, death, torture, and threats.

Who is in the cast of Mother/Android?

The main cast of Mother/Android includes Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raúl Castillo.


If you have yet to watch Mother/Android on Hulu, take a chance and watch this movie. You may be surprised. Don’t fall for the rating because every person has a different window to look from. So just sit back and enjoy Mother/Android on Hulu.

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Happy binging!