Watch Notting Hill on Hulu

Known American actress Anna meets William, a British bookseller, and they fall in love. However, because of their differing social statuses, their relationship encounters numerous issues.


Roger Michell


Emma Freud, Richard Curtis


Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Gina McKee

How to Watch Notting Hill on Hulu [April 2024]

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Runtime: 2 hr 4 min Premiered: May 21, 1999 Certificate: PG-13

Do you want to watch a painstaking love story? Then Notting Hill on Hulu is perfect for you.

When the most popular actress in the world, Anna Scott, walks into William Thacker’s failing Notting Hill bookstore, his every desire comes true.

A little while later, William bumps into her once more, this time drenching her in orange juice. Anna agrees to his offer to change at his neighboring apartment and gives him a kiss of appreciation as a sign of her gratitude—which shocks her even more than he does.

For the months, Anna and William do eventually get to know one another better, but it is not always easy to be in a relationship with the most wanted woman in the world, either in front of your closest friends or in front of the media’s ferocious cameras.

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Why is Notting Hill so famous?

Because it has been featured in so many movies, Notting Hill is one of London’s most well-known locales. It’s the ideal blending of some of London’s finest elements, including markets, cuisine, nightlife, and parks.

Is Notting Hill a good movie?

Definitely, Notting Hill is a good-natured movie that sparks the vibes of sweet love in the viewers’ hearts.

What is the Notting Hill film about?

It is about the struggles of a relationship where social status is more important than emotions.

Is Notting Hill a sad movie?

The movie is a bit sad, but despite it all, we loved watching a real rom-com that addressed the realities of relationships.

Does Notting Hill have a happy ending?

We don’t indulge in spoilers, but if you must, the ending is justified.

Is Notting Hill Rated R?

Notting Hill is rated PG-13.

Is Notting Hill the best Romcom?

Yes. It has also been titled as UK’s best Romcom ever.

Who directed Notting Hill?

Roger Michell is the director of Notting Hill.

Final Wrap Up

As the best romcom, in our opinion, we believe Notting Hill will boost your serotonin needs! This movie packs a perfect blend of romance, heartbreak, and comedy. And the best thing? This film is available on Hulu!

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Happy binging!