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A truffle hunter returns to Portland after living alone in the Oregon forest to find the person who kidnapped his beloved Pig.


Michael Sarnoski


Michael Sarnoski, Vanessa Block


Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin

How to Stream Pig on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 31 min Premiered: July 16, 2021 Certificate: R

Do you want to see a crime/drama film? Pig on Hulu is the match for you as it’s a fantastic blend of crime and drama flicks. Let us tell you about this movie in a bit of detail.

Rob relies on a daily routine to maintain his sanity, self-respect, and dignity since he is sick of fighting the intense sadness of ongoing grief. His best friend has vanished, and getting even by taking revenge won’t help.

Unbelievably, as bizarre as it may sound, Rob merely wants his Pig back and will go to the end to find the Pig. First things first, though. Who owns Rob’s Pig now?

Pig is available to watch on Hulu. However, if you want to watch it when you’re traveling away from the United States, we recommend ExpressVPN to get started.

How to Watch Pig on Hulu using a VPN

Hulu is exclusive to the United States and in a few Japanese locations, so if you’re traveling, you must take the following actions to stream Hulu abroad:

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  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy streaming the movie Pig on Hulu.

FAQs: Pig on Hulu

Is Pig available on Hulu?

Yes. Pig is available on Hulu.

What platform is Pig on?

Pig is on Hulu. If you want to watch it without lag, use ExpressVPN.

Is Pig movie worth watching?

Yes. Pig movie is a worthy watch if you’re into a drama movie.

Is Pig playing on Netflix?

No, Pig is playing on Hulu.

Is the film Pig good?

A genuinely emotional film with unexpected twists and turns, Pig is a timely reminder of how superb Nicolas Cage is at his job.

Is the film a true story?

Pig is based on a true story told by Michael Sarnoski, the filmmaker. He had heard tales of truffle hunters who camped on their porches at night with shotguns to ward off rivals.

What is the significance of the R rating for Pig?

The language is powerful throughout, including phrases that are not suitable for children.

When was the Pig film released?

The movie was released on July 16, 2021.

Who directed the film Pig?

Michael Sarnoski is the director of the film Pig.

Who is in the cast of the film Pig?

The cast includes Nicolas Cage as Robin “Rob” Feld, Alex Wolff as Amir, and Adam Arkin as Darius.

How to get clear streaming of the movie Pig?

You get clear streaming of the movie if you are a Hulu subscriber, but if not, you can use ExpressVPN to access Hulu in your hometown.

Final Thoughts

It is a powerful, unforgettable, and excellent film with many life lessons and has Nicolas Cage’s most outstanding performance to date. The film is available to watch on Hulu. If you want to watch Pig on Hulu when you’re not in the country, you must have ExpressVPN.

Happy binging!