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Kathryn is an aspiring actress, juggling her doomed career and her unstable married life. She encounters a young and mysterious gardener, Ben who reignites her spirit. However, she has walked into a game of cat and mouse between truth and deception.


Chadd Harbold


Leslie Stevens, Chadd Harbold


Ashley Benson, Shiloh Fernandez, Logan Miller

Watch Private Property on Hulu [April 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 27 min Premiered: May 12, 2022 Certificate: R

If thrillers and twisted stories are your cup of tea, then you are welcome to enter the forbidden realm of Private Property on Hulu. Step into the lives of those bored enough to take destructive risks with their lives.

It all starts with the seemingly perfect yet vacant marriage of Kathryn (a struggling artist) and Richard (an affluent producer). Mundanely and blandly, things were going on track until one day, Kathryn had to appoint a new gardener, Ben.

Kathryn fails to resist her growing inclination toward the mysterious yet handsome gardener. On the surface, Ben seems like the perfect guy, who can redeem her and give vitality to her lifeless existence. But something is wrong, and Kathryn can’t exactly put her finger on what that is.

But the aura of mystery simmering in the private territory is about to be exposed, Will the things be as glittery as they appear, or the twisted dark secrets will succumb Katheryn and her loved ones to a tragic fate?

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Did You Know?

Private Property (2022), is a remake of a 1960’s movie that goes by the same title “Private Property” although the plot has different themes. The original movie wasn’t very successful in its initial run and was out of distribution for thirty years until it was restored in 2016 to critical acclaim.

What’s next to watch on Hulu?

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Frequently Asked Questions

On which platform can I watch The Private Property movie?

You can watch Private Property on Hulu. If you’re not in USA, watch the film with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the runtime of the Private Property movie?

The runtime of Private Property is 1 hour 27 mins.

What is Private Property rated?

The Private Property movie is rated R.

Is Private Property a remake?

Yes, Private Property is a loose remake of the movie of the same title from 1960.

What happens in the Private Property movie?

The Private Property movie is all about Kathryn, a struggling artist, who meets a gardener, Ben, their bond grows strong, and so are the tensions.

What is the genre of Private Property?

The genre of Private Property is Drama, Thriller, and Mystery.

Is there any Alternate title for the movie Private Property?

Yes, the Private Property movie is also known as L.A. Seduction.

Is the Private Property movie a good watch?

Yes, the movie is sufficed with suspense and thrill to keep you glued to your screen.

Wrapping Up

Curious to take a sneak peek into the forbidden property, And catch the drama unfolding away from the prying eyes? Then book your schedule and watch Private Property on Hulu. No one would deny you from entering the territory of Hulu, as long as you have ExpressVPN

So, grab your popcorn and start streaming.

Happy binging!