Watch Santa Games on Hulu

A humorous and feel-good movie that tells the story of a mall Santa made to forcefully retire. His ad to find a replacement Santa goes viral and makes the selection a chaotic and hialrious journey.


Keoni Waxman


Faizon Love, B.J. Minor, Trisha Mann

Festive Laughter: Watch Santa Games on Hulu [May 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 30 min Premiered: November 3, 2022 Certificate: PG

Do you want to make your Christmas celebrations even more joyful with a suitable movie for a watch party? If the answer is yes, then bingo! Santa Games on Hulu is a perfect movie to light up your watching experience with festive laughs.

The story revolves around Mall Santa Charles (Glen Bond), and his workplace, where the manager out of the blue decides to substitute him with a forceful retirement. The twist comes when Charles asks to put up an online ad to find a worthy successor for his seat, and the ad goes astonishingly viral.

The publicity brings challenging, funny, and chaotic waves in the selection of Santa. What starts off as a routine recruitment drive, turns into full-blown mayhem as competing Santas vie for the throne. The movie is a light-hearted and hilarious Christmas romp with many hijinks that leave you and your kids laughing together.

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How to Watch Santa Games on Hulu [May 2024]

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FAQs: Watch Santa Games on Hulu

Who is the director of Santa Games?

Keoni Waxman is the director of the Santa Games.

The cast of Santa Games movie?

Glenn Bond, Michael Cervantes, Lala Costa, Destiny Freeman, and Faizan Love are among the cast of Santa Games.

What is the genre of the movie?

The Santa Games movie is a comedy genre movie.

Is Santa Games a good movie?

Yes, Santa Games is a good movie and worth watching, especially as a Holiday movie for festive season.

Where can I watch the Santa Games movie?

You can readily find Santa Games on Hulu, and if you face any Hulu errors due to geo-restrictions, then use ExpressVPN.

How long is the Santa Games movie?

The Santa Games movie is 90 minutes long.

Is the Santa Clause appropriate for a 5-year-old?

Yes, the movie Santa Games is appropriate for kids above 5 years old.

Who is the writer of the movie?

James Markham Hall Jr. is the writer of the movie Santa Games.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make your holiday amazing and feel the festive vibes at its best, then watch Santa Games on Hulu with your friends and loved ones to have a memorable Christmas. Simply use ExpressVPN and enjoy Hulu without encountering any Hulu errors and have a smooth and hassle-free experience accessing this festive film.

Happy binging!