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Audrey doesn’t want her brother to have his wedding on the same weekend she’s turning 40. Starting to believe in the non-existent beef with his French fiancée, Audrey tries several tricks to stop or spoil the event.


Amy Miller Gross


Amy Miller Gross


Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Mathilde Ollivier

How to Watch Sister of the Groom on Hulu Internationally [Apr 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 22 min Premiered: December 18, 2020 Certificate: R

Tantrums and antics by family members are common at a wedding. Watch this premise reach maddening heights in the movie, Sister of the Groom on Hulu.

Since Audrey, the groom’s sister, doesn’t want her brother to marry a French fiancée, let alone on her birthday weekend, she begins her unplanned attempts to sabotage the wedding.

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Stream Sister of the Groom on Hulu With a VPN

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Things to Know About This Movie

  • The film was originally called ‘The Pleasure of Your Presence’ before it was Sister of the Groom.
  • Mark Blum, playing Nat in the film, had passed away shortly before the release of the movie due to COVID-19 complications.
  • Alicia Silverstone, who played Audrey, and Tom Everett Scott who was Ethan in the movie had been in ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017)’ as husband and wife.

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Common Questions

Why is Sister of the Groom Rated R?

Sister of the Groom is rated R for sexual content, nudity, and usage of drugs/alcohol.

Where to Watch Sister of the Groom?

You can watch Sister of the Groom on Hulu. If Hulu is not working due to geo-restrictions, consider investing in a premium kind of VPN.

What is the film Sister of the Groom about?

The movie Sister of the Groom is about a woman in her 30s trying to stop her brother from marrying on the weekend that she turns 40.

What has Alicia Silverstone been in?

Alicia Silverstone has been in 76 movies, among which the famous ones are Mustache, Clueless, The Crush, True Crime, The Babysitter, Blast from the Past, Batman & Robin, Catfight, The Lodge, and The Requin.

What is the runtime of Sister of the Groom?

The movie runs for an hour and 32 minutes.

Where to Watch Sister of the Groom for Free?

The best platform to watch Sister of the Groom is Hulu, and it is a paid website, so you must pay for Hulu if you are to watch any movie or show.


Watch Sister of the Groom on Hulu today if you have a movie night planned. This movie is amusing and entertaining, to say the least. Let us know how you liked this movie when you finish watching it.

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Happy binging!