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While spending the holidays with the Royal Family at their Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England, Diana Spencer decides to divorce Prince Charles after a decade of marriage due to mental health issues.


Pablo Larraín


Steven Knight


Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins

A Christmas Dinner Gone Awry: Watch Spencer on Hulu | 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 57 min Premiered: November 4, 2021 Certificate: R

Are you looking to watch a good movie about Lady Diana? Spencer might just be the movie you need!

This movie talks about Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage, which has deteriorated. Even if there are many rumors of extramarital affairs and divorce, Christmas at the queen’s castle will be peaceful. Eating, drinking, shooting, and hunting are all activities. Diana is familiar with the game, but everything will be very different this year.

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Is Spencer 2021 based on a true story?

No. Princess Diana’s life served as an inspiration for Spencer rather than being directly based on her genuine biography.

What is the point of the movie Spencer?

The point of the movie Spencer is that no matter how much riches a woman may have if the husband doesn’t fulfill his end in the marriage, then it is all meaningless.

Does Hulu have Spencer?

Yes. Hulu has the movie Spencer streaming if that’s what you’re looking for. Try ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu in your country.

Is Spencer movie worth watching?

Yes. The movie Spencer is worth watching if you like tributes to the royal family.

Who is the director of the movie Spencer?

Pablo Larraín is the director of the movie Spencer.

Why is Spencer 2021 Rated R?

The movie is rated R for nudity, violence, and strong language.

When was Spencer released?

Spencer movie was released in 2021.

Is Spencer free on Hulu?

No. The movie Spencer is not free on Hulu. However, you can avail of the Hulu free trial if you subscribe to Hulu’s premium package.

Who is in the cast of Spencer?

Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, and Sally Hawkins are the star cast of Spencer.

Final Ride

The movie Spencer was insightful, and we loved it all throughout. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Stream Spencer on Hulu this weekend with ExpressVPN easily!

Happy binging!