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The story revolves around the efforts of Trish, a young American journalist, to escape from Nicaragua, where she has been stranded, given her report unearthing truths about the government's shadiness.


Claire Denis


Denis Johnson, Léa Mysius, Andrew Litvack


Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn, Benny Safdie

How to Watch Stars at Noon on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 2 hr 17 min Premiered: October 14, 2022 Certificate: R

Are you exploring titles to spend your evening in the beautiful realm of love and sensational romance? Try streaming Stars at Noon on Hulu, a beautiful blend of thriller, blazing romance, and heart-touching love, offering you a perfect means of zesting up your screen time.

Stars at Noon is a French romantic thriller movie adapted from Denis Johnson’s 1986 novel having the same title. It portrays the terrible events an American journalist, Trish, faces after covering politically motivated extrajudicial killings.

Given her antigovernmental activities, she was stranded in Nicaragua, living in a flophouse, with no basic needs being fulfilled. Further, her passport was also confiscated. The story reflects how she strives to escape this maltreatment while indulging in romantic activities with government officials in the meantime to survive daily.

The movie gets really thrilling when her sexual affair turns into a full-blown love with a British man named Daniel, and she starts seeing the dream of fleeing Nicaragua using Daniel’s help which proves to be more of a danger than she has ever predicted.

However, given the copyright concern, it is only available to stream on Hulu if you reside in the US. Hence you must connect with a VPN to unblock its geo-restriction in your area.

How to Watch Stars At Noon on Hulu using a VPN

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What is happening in Stars at Noon?

The movie is about the strenuous efforts Trish, the protagonist, had to make to escape Nicaragua, where she has been stranded without any basic requirements, given her antigovernmental activities.

How long is the Stars at Noon movie?

Stars at Noon is 137 minutes long (2 hours 17 minutes).

Which country was Stars at Noon filmed in?

The movie showcases Nicaragua country. However, it was filmed in Panama.

Who is Daniel in Stars at Noon?

Joe Alwyn performs the role of Daniel in Stars at Noon, the lover of Trish whom she thought could help her escape Nicaragua.

Where to watch Stars at Noon?

Stars at Noon is available to stream on Hulu. You can watch it anytime from the platform with ExpressVPN easily.

Is Stars at Noon Rated R?

Yes, Stars at Noon is R rated, given the sexual content, nudity, language, and some violence.

Was Stars at Noon filmed in Nicaragua?

No, it was filmed in Panama.

Is Stars at Noon based on a book?

Yes, Stars at Noon is based on the novel by Denis Johnson.

Can I watch Stars at Noon on Hulu?

Yes. You can watch Stars at Noon on Hulu. Use ExpressVPN to access Hulu in your location.

The Crux

Stars at Noon can offer you sizzling romance, passionate sex, and an emotionally charged love story, along with the perfectly proportioned thriller thrown into the mix. The plot is interesting, with well-performed acting, offering you great entertainment for the evening.

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