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It's a brutal and harsh interpretation of the life of Jane, an assistant at her job at a production company. As she goes through with her daily life mixed with abuse from her executive boss, she begins to realize it happens with every other assistant who's good at their job.


Kitty Green


Kitty Green


Julia Garner, Matthew Macfadyen, Makenzie Leigh

Whispers of Strength – Stream The Assistant on Hulu | 2024

Runtime: 1 hr 28 min Premiered: January 31, 2020 Certificate: R

Wondering what happens when you follow a toxic environment without speaking up about it? You see other people being treated the same and soon a drop creates a huge ripple. The Assistant on Hulu is a movie that talks about that. You should definitely give this movie a go.

Jane is an assistant to an executive at a production company. The film is an intense look at the life of Jane at her job, for which she was hopeful, turns out to be an abusive environment that seems near impossible to escape.

This threatening job attacks every aspect of her position, but when another assistant is hired for the same abuse Jane is going through, she speaks up about it.

If you’re wondering how to watch The Assistant on Hulu when you’re not in the USA, we’ll guide you through the easiest steps to watch Hulu from anywhere.

How to Watch The Assistant on Hulu with a VPN

If you’re traveling and want to watch Hulu while you’re away from home, you’ll need to follow these steps because Hulu is currently available in the US and in a few cities in Japan:

  1. Sign up and subscribe to a VPN, ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. [Recommended Server “New York.”]
  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy binge-watching The Assistant on Hulu.


Who directed the movie The Assistant?

Kitty Green is the director of the movie Adaptation.

Where can I watch The Assistant?

You can watch The Assistant exclusively on Hulu, just choose an affordable package for yourself by subscribing to the streaming platform.

What is the point of the movie The Assistant?

The point of the movie is to shed light on the power tripping that normal employees go through in their daily lives, and how some executives exploit the fresh and young talents as if it’s a part of their breakfast.

Is it worth watching The Assistant?

Definitely, give The Assistant on Hulu a go if you want to have an idea about what it’s like to be exploited in a corporate business.

Why is The Assistant rated R?

The main reason for this movie to be rated R is sexual coercion and harsh/manipulative/suggestive language. Plus, there are a lot of adult activities happening in the corporate company, so it’s not suitable for kids under 18 at all!

Is the movie The Assistant based on a true story?

This movie is a second-hand experience of a woman, while the director, Kitty Green exaggerated it a little bit for the sake of Art and cinematic glory.

How to watch The Assistant on Hulu anywhere outside US?

Streaming The Assistant on Hulu isn’t a problem. Either you search it up or simply go to Hulu’s platform. But if you’re not in the USA currently, then all you have to do is turn on your VPN connection and start streaming!

Wrapping It Up

At the end of this guide, we hope you have a better understanding that Hulu is accessible to US citizens only. We also hope you know how to get around these restrictions to watch The Assistant on Hulu. The best way to accomplish this is to sign up for a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Do let us know how you liked this movie!

Happy binging!