The French Dispatch on Hulu

The movie brings to life the final four stories posted in a newspaper called ‘The French Dispatch’ after the editor dies. Set in the fictional French town Ennui-Sur-Blasé in 1975.


Wes Anderson


Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, Wes Anderson


Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton

How to Watch The French Dispatch on Hulu | 2024

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Runtime: 1 hr 48 min Premiered: October 21, 2021 Certificate: R

Are you looking to stream the comedy movie, The French Dispatch? Well, you are in luck. You can stream The French Dispatch on Hulu.

The French Dispatch follows the story of a newspaper gone viral. In 1975, when the editor of the magazine died suddenly due to heart failure, his will was put to completion.

The first part of the will requests an immediate suspension of the magazine followed by a final farewell issue of his lifelong work. The issue involved four great stories. The film goes on to illustrate the four articles of the magazine.

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How to Watch The French Dispatch on Hulu [3 Simple Steps]

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Where to Watch The French Dispatch?

You can watch The French Dispatch on Hulu, where it is streaming exclusively.

How to Watch The French Dispatch online?

To watch The French Dispatch online, you can stream it on Hulu. If you face geo-errors, we suggest you use ExpressVPN and stream it.

Is The French Dispatch Based on a true story?

Some events in the movie are based on real events, however not the complete movie is based on it.

Is The French Dispatch confusing?

Where the film does jump scenes, time, and space the movie is not confusing. Instead, the movie is divided by scene colors and makes it easy to follow.

What do black and white mean in The French Dispatch?

The black and white in The French Dispatch separated the story of the past from the present.

Is The French Dispatch a satire?

Yes, The French Dispatch is a comical satire on journalism.

Is The French Dispatch okay to watch with family?

No, The French Dispatch is not okay to watch with family as it has full frontal nudity, strong language, love scenes, and mature content.

Final Words

If you are looking to enjoy a good satire comedy filled with lots of drama and suspense, then we highly recommend you give The French Dispatch a try.

The movie is filled with snarky and off-the-charts funny jokes. Follow along as you witness one of the most genius productions in a while. To stream The French Dispatch on Hulu outside US, subscribe to ExpressVPN and you’re all set to stream.

Happy binging!