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The Fugitive on Hulu

Andrew Davis


Roy Huggins, David Twohy, Jeb Stuart


Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pantoliano


After being falsely accused and sentenced to life behind bars for killing his wife, Dr. Richard Kimble doesn't just give in. Instead, he skips prisons and makes a run for it the first chance he gets. Now he is pursued by Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard.

How to Watch The Fugitive on Hulu Outside US September 2023

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Runtime: 2 hr 11 min Release Date: August 6, 1993 Certificate: PG-13

Are you looking to stream The Fugitive on Hulu? Well, you are in for a ride. The Fugitive is streaming on Hulu and you can watch it by getting an account. However, if you are located outside US, you will require a VPN. Let us tell you how you can stream The Fugitive on Hulu and enjoy the impeccable action movie outside US.

How to Watch The Fugitive on Hulu Outside USA

If you are traveling or are just looking to stream the best action movie on Hulu outside US, then we recommend you binge-watch The Fugitive. Here is how you can watch it by using a VPN.

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After Dr. Richard Kimble’s wife is found dead, he is presumed to be the prime suspect. After a thorough investigation, Dr. Kimble is accused of being the killer and put behind bars. But, Dr. Kimble, who believes he was falsely accused, skips prison the first chance he gets. Now while he has an opportunity to prove himself innocent he is also being pursued by the Deputy Marshal. Long story short, Kimble is now sure, he just can’t trust anyone. Will Kimble be able to prove his innocence or is he the killer on the loose?

FAQs on The Fugitive

Is The Fugitive based on a true story?

Yes, The Fugitive is inspired by the story of Dr. Sam Sheppard who was put behind bars for killing his pregnant wife in 1970.

Who was the real Richard Kimble?

The real-life Richard Kimble was Dr. Sam Sheppard.

Is The Fugitive on Hulu?

Yes. The Fugitive is available to stream on Hulu. If you need to stream it outside USA, you will need to get ExpressVPN first.

Is US Marshal a sequel to The Fugitive?

Yes, the US Marshal is a spinoff of the movie, The Fugitive.

Who directed the Fugitive?

The movie The Fugitive is directed by Andrew Davis.

Who is in the cast of The Fugitive?

The cast of The Fugitive includes Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward, Joe Pantoliano, Andreas Katsulas, and Jeroen Krabbé.

Final Take Down

If you are looking for a heavy action and suspense movie on Hulu, then look no further. The Fugitive, based on real events, has it all for you. You will get a punch of action, a pack of thrill, and of course unmatchable amounts of suspense in the movie The Fugitive.

If you want to stream it outside USA, we suggest you get a subscription to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, as Hulu is geo-locked outside USA. Enjoy streaming The Fugitive on Hulu from anywhere.

Happy binging!