Watch The King’s Man on Hulu

The King's Man agency is formed to race against time to prevent history's most powerful tyrants and criminal masterminds from plotting a war that could kill millions and destroy humanity.


Matthew Vaughn


Karl Gajdusek, Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons


Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton

How to Watch The King’s Man on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 2 hr 11 min Premiered: December 22, 2021 Certificate: R

What happens when a tragedy turns into a captivating story of questions, sacrifice, and constant hunt for chase? Follow along as the Duke of Oxford and his sincere promise paves the way for the secretive Kingsman agency, as the tale unfolds in The King’s Man.

During the Boer War, the Duke of Oxford, Orlando, his wife Emily, and his son Conrad visited a detention camp as part of their Red Cross practice. However, the camp is assaulted, and a sniper bullet fatally shoots Emily. Emily is dying, and Orlando tells her that he will protect her son Conrad and do everything he can to keep him from going to war.

Twelve years later, time chooses to put Orlando’s vow to the test as Europe is on the verge of war. Conrad goes against what his father told him to do and joins the army. Unfortunately, he died on the battlefield.

Orlando has created an independent intelligence group that will work in complete secrecy to keep the peace and protect lives. As a result, the Kingsman agency was established.

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Common Questions

Where to watch The King’s Man 2021?

You will be glad to know that you can stream The King’s Man now on the amazing streaming platform, Hulu.

How to watch The King’s Man 2021 on Hulu?

Hulu is an American streaming platform that is restricted to US territory only! But you can get around these restrictions if you use a VPN to connect to a US server. ExpressVPN is a good choice.

Where was The King’s Man 2021 filmed?

The prequel to the Kingsman series, The King’s Man, was shot in both the UK and Italy throughout 2019.

Is The King’s Man 2021 a prequel?

Director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn has produced “The King’s Man,” a prequel intended to explain the beginnings of the secret intelligence service based out of a Saville Row tailor shop in London, as the third part of his “Kingsman” franchise.

Is The King’s Man based on a true story?

Although set during World War I, The King’s Man is not a true-to-life play, and it significantly alters historical events. For a franchise with an invisible intelligence agency and a reputation for being crazy, it’s not surprising that it’s not true to history.

Is The King’s Man worth watching?

Ralph Fiennes gives a completely committed performance, and between that and the action, “The King’s Man” is a great movie to watch at least once.

What Happened at the End of The King’s Man?

The End of “The King’s Man” Explained

Orlando kills him after a tough battle during the climax. Since the tape is no longer likely to cause scandal, President Wilson sent American troops to help the Allies win the war.

Ending Segment

The King’s Man is an amazingly patriotic yet action-filled movie that will make you sit at the edge of your seat till the end, and it’s available on Hulu. But you cannot watch The King’s Man on Hulu outside the US, so if you reside anywhere else, you should get your hands on ExpressVPN and leave the rest of your smooth streaming on it.