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A private investigator in Chile hires a mole to operate in a retirement home where one of his clients suspects the carers of elder abuse.


Maite Alberdi


Pedro Peirano, Maite Alberdi, Miguel Machalski


Sergio Chamy, Rómulo Aitken, Marta Olivares

Cinematic Mystery: Watch The Mole Agent on Hulu | 2024

Runtime: 1 hr 29 min Premiered: December 10, 2020

Do you want to watch a documentary about mysterious events? The Mole Agent on Hulu is an exciting and inspiring documentary that takes viewers on a trip of courage, determination, and self-discovery.

This fantastic movie concerns a daughter concerned about her mother’s well-being in a nursing home. Romulo hires Sergio, an 83-year-old man who becomes a new resident and a mole inside the house who fights to balance his assignment with becoming progressively involved in the lives of several residents.

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How to Watch The Mole Agent on Hulu with a VPN

Due to regional restrictions and licensing agreements, The Mole Agent may not be available on popular streaming platforms in certain areas. To watch The Mole Agent on Hulu outside the USA, follow these steps:

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Is The Mole Agent a forthcoming documentary?

The documentary was Chile’s entry for the Goya Award for Best Iberoamerican Film, gaining the eighteenth Chilean nomination since its beginning and Alberdi’s second nomination after La in 2015.

Is The Mole Agent amusing?

In this film, the viewers follow the spy as he struggles with the technology he needs for his mission and finds himself immersed in the lives of the numerous residents in the nursing home.

Is The Mole Agent suitable for children?

Yes, The Mole Agent is suitable for children, but parental guidance is advised.

Who directed The Mole Agent?

Renowned director Maite Alberdi directed the movie The Mole Agent.

Is this animated movie a family movie?

Yes, The Mole Agent is a great family movie.

When was The Mole Agent released?

The Mole Agent was released in the year 2020.

What is the Genre of the Movie The Mole Agent?

The genre of the film is Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, and Comedy.

Where to Watch The Mole Agent?

You can watch The Mole Agent online on Hulu for the best experience. If you’re residing in a country that is not the USA, you should get a VPN subscription.

Final Thoughts

The Mole Agent is an exciting film that instills a sense of bravery and dedication in its audience. Its intriguing story and adrenaline-pumping action offer a unique blend of thrill and empowerment.

To prevent missing out on this fascinating journey, use a trustworthy VPN service to gain access to the film on your preferred streaming platform. If you are afraid of impulsive ways to watch The Mole Agent in your country, try ExpressVPN.

Happy Binging!