Watch The Old Way on Hulu

Facing the consequences of his actions, a retired gunslinger, Colton Briggs is chased by the son of a man he shot in his past. Now, to protect his daughter and honor his dead wife, Briggs must take up arms again.


Brett Donowho


Carl W. Lucas


Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Noah Le Gros

Best Way to Watch The Old Way on Hulu [Apr 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 35 min Premiered: January 5, 2023 Certificate: R

Are you interested in watching a movie with a Western American theme? Our suggestion is to watch The Old Way on Hulu. It’s a movie that includes the iconic West American theme along with Nicolas Cage’s performance.

In the past, Colton Birggs was in a group of extrajudicial posse where he was responsible for arresting and putting outlaws behind bars. When Briggs is told to execute a notorious bandit, his son is the only survivor left as the witness. Now Briggs is retired and has moved on to start his family, the son of the man he killed is back to take revenge.

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Common Questions

Is the movie The Old Way a good movie?

Yes, the movie The Old Way is a good movie.

What happens to the wife in the old way?

The wife of Colton is killed by the outlaws.

What is the movie The Old Way about?

The Old Way is about a retired gunslinger who avenges his wife as he takes up the position again to complete his mission.

Who is in the cast of The Old Way?

The main cast of The Old Way includes Nicolas Cage, Noah Le Gros, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Corby Griesenbeck.

Is the little girl in the old way autistic?

The little girl’s lack of emotional response heavily indicated that she is on the autism spectrum.

Who is the bad guy in The Old Way?

The bad guy in The Old Way is James McCallister (Noah Le Gros).

Is the movie The Old Way on Hulu?

Yes, The Old Way is on Hulu. You can watch it anywhere worldwide if you get a subscription to ExpressVPN.

Is The Old Way on any streaming services?

Yes, The Old Way is on Hulu’s streaming service.

Who is the director of The Old Way?

Brett Donowho is the director of The Old Way.

What genre is The Old Way?

The genre of The Old Way is action, drama, and western.

Final Shot

If you’re interested in watching a Western-themed movie, you should watch The Old Way on Hulu. However, Hulu may be geo-restricted, especially if you access it from any place that is not the USA. To bypass such restrictions, we suggest using ExpressVPN.

Happy binging!