Watch The Valet on Hulu

In order to conceal her secret relationship with a married guy, a Hollywood actress asks the parking attendant at a Beverly Hills restaurant to pretend as her lover.


Richard Wong


Rob Greenberg, Bob Fisher, Francis Veber


Eugenio Derbez, Samara Weaving, Max Greenfield

How to Watch The Valet on Hulu [April 2024]


Runtime: 2 hr 4 min Premiered: May 10, 2022 Certificate: PG-13

When a paparazzi takes a picture of actress Olivia and her married lover, Vincent, she risks a PR catastrophe. To avoid a scandal ruining her reputation, Antonio, the diligent valet, is recruited to pretend as Olivia’s new boyfriend as a cover-up after he unintentionally appears in the same photograph.

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Watch The Valet on Hulu Using a VPN [Apr 2024]

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Is The Valet on Hulu or Netflix?

The Valet is on Hulu as it is an original production.

Is it worth watching The Valet?

Yes, The Valet is a movie worth watching as it is a charming and delightful cinematic experience.

Is The Valet in Spanish on Hulu?

Yes, The Valet is also in Spanish on Hulu. While there are some scenes with Spanish in them, you can also change the language by selecting the gear wheel symbol to bring up the playback controls. If there are many language options, make sure the desired language is selected.

Who directed the movie The Valet on Hulu?

The Valet is directed by Richard Wong.

Where is the movie The Valet?

The movie The Valet is on Hulu. If you want to watch Hulu while you travel from country to country, you must utilize ExpressVPN.

Is The Valet on Hulu?

Yes, The Valet is on Hulu. If you plan to access Hulu in non-US regions, you must use a VPN.

Who is streaming The Valet?

Hulu is streaming The Valet online.

Who is in the cast of The Valet on Hulu?

The main cast of The Valet includes Eugenio Derbez, Samara Weaving, and Max Greenfield.


The Valet on Hulu is an original production, and you can watch it exclusively on Hulu. Whether you’re in the US or away from the country, you can still access Hulu, thanks to ExpressVPN. This VPN not only disguises your IP address but also grants you non-buffering streaming sessions on Hulu.

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