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Watch Three Identical Strangers on Hulu

Tim Wardle


David Kellman, Robert Shafran, Edward Galland


Three Identical Strangers surrounds the story of genetically identical triplets, separated at birth and adopted by different families.

How To Watch Three Identical Strangers On Hulu Internationally [September 2023]

Runtime: 1 hr 37 min Release Date: June 28, 2018 Certificate: PG-13

Are you looking to watch Three Identical Strangers? If you wish to stream something different from the usual funny, thrilling, or romantic screen times, watch Three Identical Strangers on Hulu. The documentary is highly disturbing and emotionally upsetting, portraying a quest to asses nature vs. nurture that may have gone too far.

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How to Watch Three Identical Strangers on Hulu From Anywhere [September 2023]

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Three Identical Strangers is a documentary featuring the intensely emotional and upsetting life story of genetically identical triplets who were separated at birth through adoption, given the psychological condition of their parents.

When the three men reunited once two met accidentally at a college, the mystery behind their adoption and separation was revealed, bringing into light an undisclosed scientific study of nature vs. nurture which they had been a part of.

FAQs on Three Identical Strangers on Hulu

What happened to the boys in three identical strangers?

The three men struggled mentally for years and experienced difficulties in their relationship with Gallant committed suicide in 1995.

What mental illness did the three identical strangers have?

All three of them faced separation anxiety from infancy.

Did the three identical strangers find their birth mother?

Yes, soon after they reunited, they met with their biological mother.

Is Three Identical Strangers a true story?

Yes, it is true and has been in the news.

On what streaming service can I watch Three Identical Strangers?

You can watch this documentary on Hulu. If you don’t live in the USA, don’t worry because ExpressVPN is the best bet to break through all geo-restrictions for you.

What is the Hulu documentary about triplets separated at birth?

The documentary is named Three Identical Strangers. It focuses on the unimaginable story of three genetically identical triplets, separated at birth and then reunited in adulthood.

Which of the three identical strangers died?

Gallant died in 1995 by committing suicide.

The Bottom Line

Three Identical Strangers is a documentary that will make your heart heavy yet offer an insightful look into separation anxiety and its impact. It is disturbing yet interesting and can be a great screen time for a somber mood.

So get connected with ExpressVPN and unravel the mystery of these not-so-stranger brothers.

Happy binging!