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Hotstar has a New Home – Find Your favorite Hotstar Shows and Movies Now on Hulu


Hotstar has issued a home shift notice, and this affects more to the viewers more than it does the service. Because for once, Hulu will start hosting South Asian viewers to watch everything all in one place.

Recently, Disney announced that their Hotstar service, which is a popular site for South Asian content, would be closed. But the content will not feel any harsh impact because there is another home for your favorite Hotstar shows and movies – Hulu. As an already existing streaming giant that was made between the partial involvement of NBCUniversal’s Comcast and Walt Disney Company, Hulu is going to be the new home of all of Hotstar’s content.

Hotstar is a pre-existing streaming platform based in India that Disney acquired in the 21st Century Fox deal. Then the service was rebranded with the name of Disney+ Hotstar and continued to ease many South Asian Viewers with streaming their desired entertainment content.

It is a piece of positive news on account of the streaming service Hulu, but many viewers don’t seem impressed because there are yet to be subtitles for the audience living in the West to understand South Asian content fully. However, many subscribers are happy with the news that they can enjoy a wider variety of content now that every Indian and Asian content is on Hulu.

Moreover, the viewers are also upset that the South Asian content that shifted from Hotstar to Hulu is outdated, and many episodes are yet to be uploaded. But in Disney’s defense, they have added in their statement that the Hotstar content will ‘gradually’ be moved and hoped that the audience would bear with them.

In their closing statement, Disney did mention that their merger of Hotstar and Hulu is because of “South Asian content to reach broader audiences.” So in this manner, the live sport on Hotstar will be merged with ESPN, which comes as a free Add-on with Hulu + Live TV subscription.

So now Disney is hoping that the Hotstar subscribers will purchase the Disney Bundle from the 1st of September, so any US viewer who doesn’t have a Disney subscription is eligible to subscribe to Disney Bundle, which gives you Disney, Hulu, and ESPN – all in one platform. But if one doesn’t want to claim the offer of Disney Bundle, they can request a refund; after all, this is nothing about coercive matters.

Lastly, the merger of Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu is going to impact US viewers along with South Asian subscribers heavily. It may take time to add Hotstar originals to Hulu’s Hub slowly, but with patience, everything will curl up smoothly.

With that being said, let us know what your thoughts are regarding this legendary merge, and we shall meet you on the update news if there’s one.

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