FX’s Prison Break to be Revived for a Reboot on Hulu

FX’s Prison Break to be Revived for a Reboot on Hulu


Prison Break, Fox’s original TV show is going to get a revival on Hulu, with a new cast expanding the universe of the show.

Good news for the Fox’s Prison Break fans, as the series is in the works for a reboot on Hulu. Originally started back in 2004, Prison Break received a charming amount of support from the fans. This critical acclaim has led the show to be nominated for several accolades, including the famous 2005 Golden Globe Award and 2006 People’s Choice Award, which they won.

The original series was loved by many, as it was also sold on DVD and Blu-ray internationally. However, August 2019 was saddening for the fans, as Fox announced that they had no plans to revive the show with Miller (plays Michael Scofield) declaring in late 2020 that he had no interest in returning to the show.

The original Prison Break’s plot is captivating as people are starting to rewatch the show. Sentenced to jail time for a crime he didn’t commit, Lincoln Burrows wants an escape. Together with his inmate brother, Michael Scofield, they plan to get Burrows out of the prison to live the life he desires and clear his name.

According to Deadline, Prison Break’s reboot is in its era of early development on Hulu. There’s no such details about the show to be revealed, but it is confirm that there will be a different set of cast. Onboard to write and executive produce the reboot, Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James has contributed the skills to the show’s development.

As Hulu is the platform that is picking up the series reboot, many people have expressed their concerns, as Hulu is a service exclusive to US residents. However, there’s always a way to stream Hulu when traveling or living outside the borders of the USA.

Coming back to Prison Break, the reboot is expected to have a new cast with a spin-off storyline of the original. This Emmy-nominated original show is yet to be given an expected release date, but the original series is available to stream on Hulu.

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