Hulu Introduces the ‘Top 15 Today’ List to Mark the Popular Movies and TV Shows in the Past 24 Hours

Hulu Introduces the ‘Top 15 Today’ List to Mark the Popular Movies and TV Shows in the Past 24 Hours


Hulu launched Top 15 Today for the most popular films and trending TV shows in the past 24 hours.

Hulu has been leading the original production trend amongst the streaming giants. With shows and films that include Only Murders in the Building, Prey, Schitt’s Creek, The Kardashians, The Bear, Reservation Dogs, and Family Guy, Hulu has been releasing titles that have been staying as the world’s favorites.

But with so much content, the audience still searches for the best and most popular content to watch. This is why Hulu has introduced a list of 15 popular movies and TV shows that have been streamed the most in the past 24 hours.

This list is refreshed daily, giving viewers the liberty to choose from a curated list of the best content. The list of the top 15 content is designed with factors in mind, including viewership and the launch of new content.

The viewers will be able to browse through ‘Top 15 Today’ on Hulu Homepage, and any on-demand title from Hulu’s vast library is eligible for inclusion, regardless of when it debuted on the service.

To give the most updated information about the top 15 content, the list will be reformed between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PT. Since the list will refresh every day, a series or film won’t be repeated twice in the top 15. If one or more series are ranked top for more than a day, then the highest series will be used to determine the series’ final position in the rankings.

The ‘Top 15 Today’ list is going to be visible on all accounts, except for the kids’ account. So the subscribers don’t waste their precious streaming time by surfing the whole platform in search of the perfect content.

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