WWE Content to be Removed from Hulu Starting Next Week

WWE Content to be Removed from Hulu Starting Next Week


Hulu’s Deal with WWE is expiring, resulting in the content removal from Hulu’s platform next week.

Hulu has been a partner of WWE to air the content on its platform, both on the next-day service and the casual streaming. But this time, it seems that many Hulu users will be deprived of WWE content, which has made the audience quite upset so far.

When WWE resonated with the news of SmackDown moving from FOX to USA Network in 2026, the following news made the audience (and especially Hulu users) think of the ordeal as a glitch at first.

When the WWE content on Hulu was listed as ‘expiring,’ one of the subscribers reached out to Hulu on Twitter, and Hulu responded that the streaming rights of Hulu and WWE are “currently set to expire.”

It is still uncertain if the deal with WWE will be extended or if it will be stopped. Currently, Hulu users can watch the content on the next-day service, but it seems they won’t be able to, considering the removal of content from Hulu next week.

It was also anticipated that a WWE series starring Bianca Belair and Montez Ford would premiere on Hulu, but Hulu has not disclosed the matter as what is currently in state for the platform’s deal with WWE.

As we look forward to a positive response from Hulu, the audience of WWE, who are also subscribers of Hulu, are hoping the deal continues. What do you think should happen? Let us know of your emotions by reaching out to us.

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