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Join the mischievous and clever brothers, Joe and Frank Hardy, on their unique and thrilling adventures to solve the abundant mysteries of their town. Being a detective is in their blood and they stop at nothing to unravel secrets while preserving a wholesome brotherly bond.

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Created By

Steve Cochrane, Jason Stone


Rohan Campbell, Alexander Elliot, Keana Bastidas

How to Watch The Hardy Boys on Hulu Internationally [May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 47 min Premiered: December 3, 2020 Certificate: PG

Do you want to see a group of teen investigators uncover mysteries in a suspenseful family show? If yes, then watch The Hardy Boys on Hulu, a thrilling yet light-hearted adventure series updated for new audiences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Frank and Joe Hardy are two brothers living in the small town of Bridgeport where unexplainable mysteries happen all around. Throughout three seasons, the boys and their friends stumble onto non-violent adventures involving abduction, haunted houses, and robberies. Along with their notable private investigator dad, the two mischievous and smart teens investigate and solve these cases using ingenious detective work.

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Hardy Boys – Complete Seasons

Hardy Boys is available on Hulu and all seasons and episodes are now at your fingertips. You don’t have to wait for your next binge-watch now.

Season Episodes
1 13
2 10
3 8

FAQs: Watch The Hardy Boys on Hulu

Where Can I Watch Hardy Boys?

You can watch the Hardy Boys on Hulu and Disney Plus bundles with Hulu. If you are unable to gain access to any Hulu, then use ExpressVPN to connect to a US server, and try again.

Is The Hardy Boys TV show the same as the books?

The new Hardy Boys has got a lot more to offer than the books.

Who is in the cast of The Hardy Boys?

Rohan Campbell, Alexander Elliot, and Anthony Lemke are the main cast of The Hardy Boys.

What is the genre of the show?

The genre of the show is mystery, drama, and supernatural horror.

Is season 3 the last season of The Hardy Boys?

Yes, season 3 is the last season of The Hardy Boys.

How many episodes of The Hardy Boys season 3?

There are 8 episodes in season 3 of The Hardy Boys.

What is the IMDb rating of the show?

The rating of The Hardy Boys is 7/10 on IMDb.

Is Hardy Boys worth watching?

Absolutely yes, this show has it all, be it drama, suspense, adventures, horror, and a good family bond!

Are Hardy Boys scary?

No, Hardy Boys is not scary. However, we would recommend kids older than 12 to watch this show, as it may seem moderately violent and scary for younger kids.

Wrapping Up

The Hardy Boys is a perfect show for anyone who is into watching teen dramas, and mysteries, spiced up with horror elements.

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Happy binging!