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The motivational true account of Miep Gies, who was super helpful in keeping Anne Frank and her family hidden during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.



Created By

Joan Rater, Tony Phelan


Ben Esler, Alyssa Margarite Jacobson


Bel Powley, Joe Cole, Amira Casar

How to Watch A Small Light on Hulu Outside USA [Apr 2024]

Premiered: April 30, 2023 Certificate: 14

Are you in the mood to watch a real account of a person who saved a family during the holocaust? You should watch A Small Light on Hulu. It is a documentary that sheds light on how helpful some people can be during times of war, crises, and murder.

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How to Watch A Small Light on Hulu Internationally

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This documentary follows 20-year-old Miep Gies, who didn’t think twice when her boss Otto Frank requested her to hide his family from the Nazis during World War II.

Otto Frank, his wife Edith, their daughters Anne and Margot, and four other people hid out in the Secret Annex for the next two years while Miep, her husband Jan, and the other volunteers kept watch over them.

The sole survivor of the eight, Otto, was able to share Anne’s Diary with the world as one of the most moving testimonies of the Holocaust, thanks to Miep, who discovered it and kept it safe.

FAQs: Watch A Small Light on Hulu

Is A Small Light on Hulu?

Yes, A Small Light is on Hulu. If you access Hulu to watch A Small Light, you must connect with a trusted VPN because Hulu is geo-locked outside the USA.

How accurate is A Small Light on Hulu?

A Small Light deviates from historical reality in several instances by choosing to fictionalize some of Otto Frank’s Opekta employees.

How many episodes of Hulu are in A Small Light?

There are eight episodes of A Small Light on Hulu.

What streaming service is A Small Light on?

Hulu. A Small Light can be found on Hulu. Be sure to use a premium VPN to access Hulu worldwide.

What happened to the couple that hid Anne Frank?

The couple, Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler, who hid Anne Frank, were both imprisoned. Kleiman was freed after two months, but Kugler remained in work camps until the war’s conclusion. The hiding people were promptly sent to concentration camps following the raid on the hidden annex in August 1944.

Can I watch A Small Light on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch A Small Light on Hulu. However, if you reside outside the USA, you can get a subscription to ExpressVPN, which will grant you smooth access to Hulu internationally.

Is A Small Light worth watching?

Yes, A Small Light is worth watching. It tells the tale of bravery and resilience.

Will there be season 2 of A Small Light?

No, there will not be a season 2 of A Small Light.

Last Note

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