Better Things on Hulu

Sam Fox has her work cut out for her. She is a divorced woman looking for love, a mother raising her kids, and an employee trying to juggle her work-life balance in this comedy-drama series, Better Things on Hulu.

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Created By

Pamela Adlon, Louis C.K.


Pamela Adlon, Celia Imrie, Mikey Madison

How To Watch Better Things on Hulu Outside USA April 2024


Runtime: 0 hr 23 min Premiered: September 8, 2016 Certificate: MA

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Sam is a single mother trying to do it all. If you think being a divorcee in the world is easy, imagine having a love life while raising 3 daughters. And if that wasn’t enough, she also has to balance her professional life, all the while taking care of her family in all ways possible, physically and financially, in this comedy-drama series.

FAQs on Better Things on Hulu

Is Better Things Canceled?

Yes, Better Things is ending with the last season being the 5th season.

Is Better Things a true story?

Yes, Better Things is loosely based on the life of Pamela Adlon herself, where she raised 3 daughters with her mother living next door to her.

Is season 5 the last season of Better Things?

Yes, the 5th season is the last season of Better Things.

Is Better Things a good series?

Yes, Better Things is a good series to watch as it portrays parenting in its best and most up-front way.

Is Better Things on Hulu or Netflix?

Better Things is streaming on Hulu exclusively.

How many episodes are in Better Things?

Better Things has 20 episodes.

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