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When a new ranger shows up to help change and save the park, a bunch of unmotivated forest rangers are facing the closure of their national park.

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Created By

Roger Black, Waco O'Guin


David Herman, Daniel Tosh, Roger Black

How to Watch Brickleberry on Hulu From Anywhere [Apr 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: September 24, 2012 Certificate: MA

Are you looking to watch Brickleberry but have no idea where to watch it? You can watch Brickleberry on Hulu. This show was written brilliantly, showcasing humorous characters, situations, and dialogues.

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How to Watch Brickleberry on Hulu [April 2024]

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A dysfunctional group of forest rangers is in charge of Brickleberry National Park’s destiny, which could mean the park’s downfall as a tourist destination. Ethel Anderson, a top ranger from Yellowstone, is called upon to assist in saving Brickleberry.

Steve Williams, the current Ranger of the Month, sees Ethel’s park talents and desirability as dangerous and does all he can to discredit her. Woody Johnson, the head ranger, is a clueless character who always has the park’s best interests in mind, even though his suggestions for running it aren’t at all ideal.

All in all, the rangers are in for a hardworking treat as they try hard to save the park from ruining.

FAQs: Watch Brickleberry on Hulu

Is Brickleberry on Hulu?

Yes, Brickleberry is on Hulu. Although Hulu is geo-restricted everywhere outside the USA, we suggest using ExpressVPN to bypass your way is the best solution.

What platform can I watch Brickleberry?

Hulu. You can watch Brickleberry on Hulu.

Who owns the rights to Brickleberry?

Comedy Central and FOX, which Disney now owns, is the owner of Brickleberry’s streaming rights.

Is Brickleberry discontinued?

Yes, Brickleberry was discontinued because it was said to be an unnecessary crossover with Paradise PD, a show having the same director as Brickleberry, O’Guin, and Black.

Is Brickleberry for adults?

Yes, Brickleberry is a cartoon for adults, and children are advised against watching it.

Is Brickleberry OK for kids?

No, Brickleberry is not okay for kids to watch as it is an adult animated series.

Was Brickleberry successful?

Yes, Brickleberry was successful, as it garnered 1.2 million viewers.

What platform is Brickleberry on?

Brickleberry is on Hulu’s streaming platform. If you’re not in the US, you will need a robust VPN to access Hulu.

When did Brickleberry get canceled?

Brickleberry was canceled on January 7, 2015.

Final Touch

Brickleberry is entertaining content, and if you enjoy cartoons and animation that are all about humor, you will love it. The good thing is that you can watch Brickleberry on Hulu, so you won’t have to search long for it.

Plus, remember to keep the VPN on if you’re outside the USA, as Hulu may deny you access. If you don’t have a VPN, consider ExpressVPN, as it is an ideally compatible VPN for Hulu.

Happy binging!