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When a psychopath executes murders based on novels by novelist Castle, Detective Beckett urges his assistance in solving the case. He chooses to work with her and utilizes the experience as research for his writings.

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Created By

Andrew W. Marlowe


Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas

How to Watch Castle on Hulu Outside USA [April 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 45 min Premiered: March 9, 2009 Certificate: 14

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How to Watch Castle on Hulu from Anywhere

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Rick Castle, a famous mystery-crime novelist, and literary celebrity gets inspiration for a new character from an unlikely source – the brilliant, gorgeous, no-nonsense Detective Kate Beckett, whether she likes it or not. When a serial killer starts to reenact Castle’s fictional killings, Kate has no choice but to ask him to assist with the cases.

Though she is at her wit’s end because of his celebrity, it grants him complete access to her cases. But, somehow, they end up making ideal criminal partners.

FAQs on How to Watch Castle on Hulu

Why was Castle canceled?

A series ending was indicated by declining viewership and contract extensions one season at a time. Furthermore, ABC decided not to air the ninth season due to fan complaints about the budget deficit and excluding Stana Katic.

Why did Katic leave Castle?

According to reports, Kate Beckett, the love interest for the protagonist of the show, was dismissed because of budget shortcomings.

Where to Watch Castle?

You can watch Castle on Hulu. If you can’t access Hulu, try ExpressVPN for it will provide safe access to the platform along with high-speed streaming.

How many episodes of Castle are there?

Castle has 173 episodes spread across 8 seasons.

How many seasons of Castle does Hulu have?

From March 9, 2009, through May 16, 2016, a total of eight seasons of Castle were aired on ABC.

How did the show Castle end?

Castle and Beckett were shot during Caleb’s invasion of Castle’s home, but a glimpse forward revealed that they both survived and lived peacefully forever.

Who plays Kate Beckett on the show Castle?

Stana Katic plays detective Kate Beckett on Castle.

Who is in the cast of Castle?

Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas, and Molly Quinn are the star cast of Castle, aired on Hulu in 2009.

Who is the creator of the Castle TV series?

The creator of Castle is Andrew W. Marlowe.

Final Statement

A Police procedural show that depicts a perfect mixture of mystery, crime, and comedy. The famous TV series, Castle (2009) is available to stream on Hulu. One after another, you won’t be able to stop your binging once you start watching this series.

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