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It is a show about sentimentally derived people who are entangled with online relationships as the hosts, Schulman, Crawford, and Joseph, discover whether the bond is fake or real.

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Created By

Ariel Schulman, Max Joseph, Nev Schulman


Nev Schulman, Kamie Crawford

How to Watch Catfish: The TV Show on Hulu Worldwide [Apr 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 42 min Premiered: November 11, 2012 Certificate: 14

Do you want to watch a reality TV show where the hosts unmask the reality of a relationship? We believe you should watch Catfish: The TV Show on Hulu. This show dives deep into the world of online relationships that are often something else than what is described online.

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How to Watch Catfish: The TV Show on Hulu From Anywhere

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Catfish: The TV Show is a reality TV show based on the 2010 film Catfish. This TV show uncovers the truths and lies of online dating, which can go from days to months to years. In each episode, the hosts, Schulman, Crawford, and Joseph, receive a request from someone who is emotionally involved with a stranger online. Then, the hosts unmask the truth behind the relationship, which is either real or a ‘catfish.’

FAQs: Watch Catfish: The TV Show on Hulu

Why was Catfish: The TV Show Canceled?

Catfish: The TV Show was canceled due to sexual misconduct allegations against Schulman, but the allegations were lifted due to lack of proof.

Will Catfish be back in 2023?

Yes, Catfish is back in 2023 with all new episodes. The show started back on October 3, 2023, with its 82nd episode.

What is the purpose of the Catfish Show?

The purpose of the Catfish show is to help the emotionally entangled individual realize the truth about their online relationships.

Does the Catfish show still exist?

Yes, the Catfish show still exists. Right now, the catfish show is called ‘Catfish: The TV Show’ and you can watch it on MTV or Hulu.

Can I watch Catfish on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch Catfish on Hulu. Users who are traveling or live outside USA can also watch Catfish on Hulu if they have ExpressVPN.

Will there be a season 9 of Catfish?

No, as far as internet sources say, the episodes airing in October 2023 are a part of season 8. Though the rumors have it that they have begun filming for the ninth season, it’s not definite yet.

How many episodes does Catfish: The TV Show have?

There are a total of 210 episodes of Catfish: The TV Show.

Is Season 8 of Catfish on Hulu?

Yes, the season 8 of Catfish is available to stream. For users outside USA, we strongly suggest you use ExpressVPN to access Hulu without geo-restrictions.

What streaming service has MTV Catfish?

Hulu has MTV Catfish. You can watch it on Hulu with your subscription. If you want to get rid of limitations, we recommend using ExpressVPN.

Who are the hosts of Catfish: The TV Show?

Nev Schulman, Max Joseph, and Kamie Crawford are the hosts of Catfish: The TV Show.

How many seasons does Catfish: The TV Show have?

There are 8 seasons of Catfish: The TV Show.

Final Reveal

Catfish is a term that describes people who use fake personas, especially on the internet, to appear romantically interesting. That’s what the show, Catfish uncovers about online relationships that can be disruptive in nature. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for the show as you can watch it directly the next day on Hulu or MTV with Hulu Live TV.

Watch Catfish: The TV Show on Hulu. If you can’t access Hulu, then let ExpressVPN be your friend.

Happy binging!