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This show is a look into a rap star's singing life and his staff’s daily routine. And when, after a tragic accident, how they try to move on with the new normal.



Created By

David Caspe, Jordan Cahan, Matthew Libman


Adam Pally, Sam Richardson, Keith David

How to Watch Champaign ILL on Hulu From Anywhere [May 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 30 min Premiered: December 12, 2018 Certificate: MA

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Together, Ronnie, Alf, and Lou grew up in CHAMPAIGN, ILL, and left high school 15 years ago with huge dreams: Ronnie was off to Yale, Alf was going to go to college with and reunite with his childhood sweetheart Courtney, and Lou had recently accepted an offer from a major company to record his music. Playing the roles of Lou’s personal entourage, Ronnie and Alf are seen living the opulent and protracted lifestyle of a successful hip-hop artist. However, when Lou dies unexpectedly while filming a music video, Ronnie and Alf are forced to return to the Midwest to live with their parents and strive to lead a regular life.

FAQs on How to Watch Champaign ILL on Hulu

Is Champaign ILL a good show?

Yes. Champaign ILL is a good show. It depicts a fresh look into the lives of adults who are forced to start a new life after a tragic accident.

Why was Champaign ILL Canceled?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of attention to the show, the creators decided to stop airing it.

Where was Champaign ILL filmed?

The TV series, Champaign ILL, was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who created Champaign ILL?

Jordan Cahan, David Caspe, and Daniel Libman are the creators of the show.

Is Champaign ILL good for kids?

Champaign ILL is rated PG-16, which means it’s good for teens ages 16 and above.

Who is in the cast of Champaign ILL?

The star cast of Champaign ILL includes Adam Pally, Sam Richardson, Keith David, Allyce Beasley, and Curtis Armstrong.

How many seasons does Champaign ILL have?

The TV series has 1 season available to watch on Hulu.

Why is the show called Champaign ILL?

Because Ronnie and Alf are compelled to move back to Champaign Illinois, a real place when Lou dies tragically while filming a music video.

Where can I watch Champaign ILL?

You can watch Champaign ILL on Hulu. Use ExpressVPN if Hulu is unavailable in your country.

Will there be a season 2 of Champaign ILL?

Unfortunately, the show has been concluded (or more likely, canceled) after 1 season with 10 episodes in it.

What channel was Champaign ILL on?

Champaign ILL can be streamed on Hulu. Keep in mind that Hulu may be inaccessible for you if you live outside the USA, so you can utilize ExpressVPN and its advanced technology to keep your geo-location hidden.

Final Verse

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