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This show depicts the story of a class of FBI Agents as they wrestle with immense changes while the criminal justice system keeps switching by AI.



Created By

Tom Rob Smith


Kate Mara, Brian Tyree Henry, Sepideh Moafi

How to Watch Class of ’09 on Hulu Outside US [May 2024]

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Premiered: May 9, 2023 Certificate: MA

Are you interested in watching a crime thriller? Then watch Class of ‘09 on Hulu. This show tackles the immense emotion that is brought on by the characters trying to reach the endpoint, but the law keeps changing. You can watch this show and experience the emotion in high-definition streaming if you use ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Class of ’09 on Hulu Globally

Following are the easy steps to watch Class of ’09 on Hulu with a VPN:

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  2. Connect with a US-based server. [Recommended Server “New York.”]
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Set at different points in time, the class of ‘09 shows a class of FBI agents tussling with rapid changes to the criminal justice plan modified by Artificial Intelligence every time they get close to solving a case. The series addresses the nature of justice, humanity, and the decisions people make that eventually determine their lives and legacies. Spanning several decades, Class of ‘09 is recounted across intertwining eras, making it one of the most exciting shows.

FAQs: Class of ’09 on Hulu

Is Class of 09 only on Hulu?

Yes. Class of ‘09 is only on Hulu. If you launch Hulu outside the USA, then you should use a premium VPN subscription. Our best bet is ExpressVPN due to its fast speed.

Where can I watch Class of 09 episodes?

You can watch Class of ‘09 episodes on Hulu.

How many episodes of Class of 09 are on Hulu?

There are eight episodes of Class of ‘09 on Hulu.

Is Class of 09 on Hulu?

Yes, Class of ‘09 is on Hulu. Use ExpressVPN to access Hulu in your region.

Was Class of 09 renewed?

No, unfortunately. Class of ‘09 was not renewed, and episode 8 is the last time you’ll see the great FBI agents.

Who is the star of Class of 09?

Brian Tyree Henry, who played the character of Tayo Michaels, is the star of Class of ‘09.

Is Class of 09 like Quantico?

Almost. Quantico used various timelines to introduce viewers to a new class of FBI trainees and then show that class responding to a devastating incident that one may have been responsible for in the future. That re-words the logline for the Class of ‘09 as well.

Is Class of 09 worth watching?

Yes. Class of ‘09 is worth watching because it is a thrilling take on AI modifying the law as the detectives catch the point of their cases.

Why is Class of 09 rated MA?

Class of ‘09 is rated MA because of the genre’s usual criminal violence. You can see persecution, racism, and sexism discussed in the show, and criminals and suspects are routinely shot.

Final Shot

Class of ‘09 kept us on the edge of our seats as we streamed it. You must want a good thrilling show, right? This show is great for crime, mystery, and thriller lovers. So watch Class of ‘09 on Hulu bufferless now with ExpressVPN!

Happy binging!