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When Kate suddenly goes missing the following summer, her spot is filled by the socially awkward girl Jeanette. How did Jeanette go from becoming the most popular girl in town to the most hated girl?

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Bert V. Royal

How to Watch Cruel Summer on Hulu Outside USA in [April 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 42 min Premiered: April 20, 2021 Certificate: 14

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How to Watch Cruel Summer on Hulu from Anywhere

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The show jumps between the story of two teen girls. Kate Wallis, the popular one, mysteriously vanishes one day. After Kate disappears, Jeanette Turner, an uncomfortable outsider, seems to take over Kate’s life. After being discovered alive a year later, Kate accuses Jeanette of seeing her kidnapping but failing to report it, making Jeanette the most hated person in the country.

FAQs on How to Watch Cruel Summer on Hulu

Where can I watch Cruel Summer?

You can watch Cruel Summer on Hulu. However, if you are trying to stream Hulu outside USA, you will need to stream it using ExpressVPN, as Hulu is blocked outside the US.

Is Cruel Summer making a season 2?

Yes, the show has been picked and renewed for a second season.

How many episodes are there of Cruel Summer?

There are 10 episodes of Cruel Summer.

What happens at the end of Cruel Summer?

At the end of Cruel Summer, the girls drop the chargers on each other after having a heart-to-heart conversation.

What is Cruel Summer about?

The Cruel Summer is a show spread around playing the same day over the course of 3 summers after Kate goes missing.

Is the Cruel Summer TV show scary?

The show is dark and compelling at the same time. The show has an intriguing storyline that keeps you locked in.

Is Cruel Summer a good show?

Yes, the show is highly enjoyable, and the show has a very strong, dark, and captivating storyline.

Is Jeanette the victim?

No, in the first season of the show, Jeanette is not the victim, but she is the villain and the protagonist of the dark adult drama show.

Who is the true villain in Cruel Summer?

The true villain of Cruel Summer is Jeanette in the first season of the show.

Who is in the cast of Cruel Summer?

The cast of Cruel Summer includes Olivia Holt. Chiara Aurelia, Froy Gutierrez, Harley Quinn Smith, Brooklyn Sudano, Blake Lee, Allius Barnes, Nathaniel Ashton, and Michael Landes.

Is Cruel Summer R-rated?

No, the show Cruel Summer is not R-rated.

Is Cruel Summer Good for Kids?

Parents need to know that the show is for 14 to 16+. The show has some references to mature conversation and violence.

To Conclude

The show Cruel Summer is an addictive show with a compelling storyline. The show has many twists and turns that you can enjoy as well when you stream Cruel Summer on Hulu. If you are located outside of the US, you can enjoy the award-winning show by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

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