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Dave is a comedy/drama show centering on the story of Dave. Dave aims to become the best rapper in the world and will do anything to make his dream come true.

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Created By

Jeff Schaffer, Lil Dicky


Lil Dicky, Taylor Misiak, Andrew Santino

How to Watch Dave on Hulu Outside US in [May 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 30 min Premiered: March 4, 2020 Certificate: MA

Are you looking to stream a comedy show on Hulu? Well, we have the perfect title for you, Watch ‘Dave’ on Hulu. The highly enjoyable show and winner of the Young Artist Award of 2021.

However, if you are located anywhere other than the USA, you can use a premium VPN, as Hulu is blocked outside the US. Let us show you how.

How to Watch Dave on Hulu From Anywhere

If you are located outside of the US, you will need a VPN to stream Dave on Hulu. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Subscribe and sign in to a reputable VPN – ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. [Recommended Server “New York.”]
  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy binge-watching Dave on Hulu.

A fictitious Lil Dicky, called Dave, is a suburban neurotic man in his late 20s. Dave has convinced himself that he is destined to become one of the greatest rappers of all time. To achieve his goals, he first has to prove to his friends that he can do what he claims. The show follows this central idea in a fun and comedic manner.

FAQs on How to Watch Dave on Hulu

Is the show Dave inappropriate?

Yes. The show, Dave, is crude and carries a lot of sexual content.

Will there be a season 3 of the show Dave?

Yes, the third season of the show is set to release as it has wrapped up its filming.

Is Dave on Hulu Canceled?

No, the show has not been canceled. In fact, the show has just wrapped up the filming of the third season.

Where can I watch Dave?

You can watch Dave on Hulu if you’re located in the US. However, if you are located outside of the US, you will need to stream it using ExpressVPN.

Is the show Dave Based on a true story?

Yes. The show is loosely based on the true story of Lil Dicky and his life.

Is Dave suitable to watch for kids?

No. Parents need to know that Dave is a PG-13 show.

Final thoughts

The show Dave is streaming exclusively on Hulu. If you want to stream it on the platform outside the US, we suggest you get a subscription to a reliable and trusted VPN like ExpressVPN.

Enjoy streaming the story of the white rapper, Lil Dicky, in the show Dave on Hulu.

Happy binging!