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A 15-year-old boy named Duncan Harris leads a fun-filled life with his parents, two sisters, and other young friends. But he keeps getting into numerous comedic misadventures with his girlfriend, Mia.

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Created By

Amy Poehler, Mike Scully, Julie Thacker


Amy Poehler, Riki Lindhome, Joy Osmanski

How to Watch Duncanville on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: February 15, 2020 Certificate: 14

Do you feel like watching an animated sitcom? You should watch Duncanville on Hulu. It’s a fun show that you can watch with your teens and have a decent laugh.

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How to Watch Duncanville on Hulu With a VPN

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Duncanville is about a remarkably normal 15-year-old boy named Duncan and all the people around him. Duncan is super normal, he is not outstanding or someone different enough for a story, but he has a imagination vivid enough that makes him seem spectacular to everyone at all times. Duncan doesn’t mind when or where he is, he’s simply letting his impulsive thoughts win. His mother, a parking enforcement officer always worries about her son that he’s a step away from making a bad decision, yet he still lives adamantly.

FAQs: Watch Duncanville on Hulu

Why was Duncanville canceled?

Duncanville was canceled because of a delayed viewing schedule that decreased the rating.

Is Duncanville a kid’s show?

No, Duncanville is not a kid’s show. It is an adult animated sitcom, so it was made for the adult audience.

Will Duncanville come back?

No, unfortunately, the show won’t be coming back after it was canceled after the third season.

How many episodes of Duncanville are there?

There are a total of 39 episodes of Duncanville on Hulu.

Is Duncanville on Hulu?

Yes, Duncanville is on Hulu. You can watch Duncanville on Hulu outside USA with the help of ExpressVPN.

What platform is Duncanville on?

Hulu. Duncanville is on Hulu’s streaming platform, and you can watch it without any hassles, even in non-US regions, with ExpressVPN.

Where can I watch Duncanville Season 3?

You can watch Duncanville season 3 on Hulu.

What is the animation style of Duncanville?

The art style in Duncanville is deliberately lowkey, just like the main character. The art style depicts that the show is not a dynamic show overall, though the fantasies may vary.

How old is Duncan from Duncanville?

Duncan in Duncanville is a 15-year-old teenager.

Will there be a season 5 of Duncanville?

No, there will not be a season 5 of Duncanville, as the series ended after the third season.


Duncanville is an entertaining cartoon that you can watch to have fun. You can watch Duncanville on Hulu, if that’s what you’re wondering. Unfortunately, Hulu is blocked practically everywhere except the USA, so ExpressVPN comes in to help you bypass such limitations. This way, Hulu is easily accessible to you without any other shenanigans.

Watch Duncanville whenever you have time, and let us know how you liked it.

Happy binging!