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It is a comedic cartoon that describes the daily events in the life of Peter Griffin and his family of two teenagers, his wife, a wicked baby, and a smart dog.

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Created By

Seth MacFarlane


Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green

How to Watch Family Guy on Hulu Internationally [Apr 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: January 30, 1999 Certificate: 14

Are you looking to watch one of the most famous comedic animations? Watch Family Guy on Hulu. This show is hilarious, and it will keep your tummy tickling as it shows humorous situations and dialogues executed by the family of Peter Griffin.

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This animated series, Family Guy, follows the adventures of the Griffin family, where daily events are hilariously entertaining. Living in Rhode Island, Peter and his wife Lois live with their three kids and a dog. The eldest, Meg, is a social outcast, while her brother, Chris, is an awkward teen. The youngest, however, is a baby who is set to kill his mother and destroy the world, but their dog, who talks and is a genius, keeps the baby Stewie in check as he sorts through his personal issues.

FAQs: Watch Family Guy on Hulu

Is Family Guy on Hulu?

Yes, Family Guy is on Hulu. To access Hulu outside USA, you will need a premium VPN subscription. ExpressVPN is always on top of the list.

Is Family Guy still on Hulu 2023?

Yes, Family Guy is still on Hulu in 2024. October 1, 2023, onwards, the new episodes of Family Guy are set to appear on screens.

Will Family Guy Season 21 be on Hulu?

Yes, Family Guy Season 21 is on Hulu.

What day does Family Guy come out on Hulu?

Season 22 of Family Guy is expected to return on October 1, 2023.

Will Family Guy ever leave Hulu?

No, Family Guy will never leave Hulu, so you can rest assured.

Did Family Guy end 2023?

No, Family Guy did not end in 2023. In fact, Family Guy is expected to return on October 1st for yet another season.

Is the Family Guy cartoon for kids?

No, Family Guy is not for kids. It is an adult cartoon.

What age is appropriate to watch Family Guy?

Family Guy is inappropriate for ages under 17.

What is the plot for Family Guy?

The Family Guy is about a dysfunctional family where they cope with daily events humorously.

When did Family Guy become popular?

Family Guy became popular when it aired for the 4th season.

Does Family Guy have a villain?

Yes, Carter Roosevelt Pewterschmidt is the antagonist of Family Guy.

Where to Watch Family Guy online?

You can watch Family Guy online on Hulu. Just be sure to use a premium VPN when accessing Hulu in regions that are not the USA.


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