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'Biotic Wars,' a video game, is finished by a janitor and avid gamer, Josh Futterman. The game's protagonists, Wolf and Tiger, however, show up in real life and give him the assignment of saving humanity from extinction.

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Created By

Howard Overman, Ariel Shaffir, Kyle Hunter


Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson

How to Watch Future Man on Hulu Outside US [May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 30 min Premiered: November 13, 2017 Certificate: MA

Are you a gamer and looking to watch something similar? Then watch Future Man on Hulu because this series will have you daydreaming about saving the world along with your favorite video game characters.

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Janitor Josh Futturman has a somewhat monotonous lifestyle and spends most of his free time playing video games. But when he succeeds in completing a video game that everyone else has given up on because they believe it to be unbeatable, everything changes. He wins the game, and then mysterious guests from the future show up.

Josh is the only person who can save the planet from its peril. While he spans through time, he assembles a team to help him complete various missions while he makes every effort to try to protect Earth from extraterrestrial intruders.

FAQs: Watch Future Man on Hulu

Is Future Man still on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Future Man is not on Hulu because it was removed in May 2023 and shifted to Hulu Plus, which has additional Live TV.

What streaming service is Future Man on?

Hulu Plus. Future Man is on Hulu Plus, and you can watch it anywhere you want with the aid of ExpressVPN.

Why was Future Man canceled?

The show was canceled because it was not fruitful for the platform. Instead, the show was moved to Hulu Plus, where you can watch more than 90 channels live.

How many seasons of Future Man are there?

There are 3 seasons of Future Man that you can stream.

Is Future Man a good show?

Yes. Future Man is a good show that thrills the audience with a bit of sci-fi action.

What is the plot of Future Man?

The plot of Future Man includes a janitor who finishes a video game only to be held on the throne for protecting the Earth from aliens.

Who plays Osama bin Laden in Future Man?

Actor Fajer Al-Kaisi plays Osama bin Laden in Future Man.


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